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  • boy am I happy with this product!

    posted by stefanturcanu

    came in an anti-static bag, exact same dimensions as the original. pretty simple plug and play installation (if it can be called that). the part works well, does not overheat when doing speed tests and performs exactly the same as the original.
    I damaged my sim card module because of a microsim adapter (I should have used some tape to secure the sim not to slide off while inserting it into the tablet slot). When I tried to pull it out the plastic adapter broke some of the pins in the sim card holder and had to order a replacement module. I chose the one on dx.com.*remember to get the necessary tools to open up the tab, like a plastic spudger. DO NOT USE A SCREWDRIVER or any hard tips while disassembling the device as it will crack the gorilla glass covering the display.*
    this is a very cheap and nice fix. less than 6$ & 10 mins to have my tab getting 3G connectivity again is definitely worthwhile in comparison to 2 weeks and more than 50$ charged by an authorized service. plus I also learnt a thing or two about the device I use.
  • Smallest MicroSD TransFlash USB Card Reader with C

    posted by mayara555

    - Works like a charm everytime
    • It's 0.98 USD, how can you go wrong?
    • Very handy if you have a cell phone!
    - Very cheap
    It is a small and useful keychain.
    good looking
    too small.
    it works perfectly.
    different colors.
    good very good.
    I liked it.
    equipmnet and preparation for system as follows:
    Microsoft Windows 98/98SE
    Microsoft Windows 2000.P4
    Microsoft Windows ME
    Microsoft Windows XP.SP2
    Dimensions: 1.26 in x 0.59 in x 0.31 in
  • Perfect for anyone who likes to travel, or just take pictures og film.

    posted by 1854boboobob

    My camera worked right away, when I used the memory-card, I am helping a friend to take pictures of things, that are for sale, easy to use if your camera can be pluged to a computer, it is three clicks and you will have all the pictures on you laptop.
    Good prize, good and solid, it is what you see on dx.com, it does what it is suppose to do, after all it is a memory-card, you want get one 32 GB for this kind of money in my country.
    It works perfectly.
  • Very nice adapter

    posted by adisirbu

    - It came with cables and connectors;- It have the power via micro USB;- The general quality is very good (the solderig of the electrical components is good)- The price is good.
    Is a good connector to repair the firmware of Seagate HDDs, but also for other applcations.
    If you need a RS232 adaptor... you should thik also to this product before buying one.
  • Good

    posted by Floryzzz

    Great price.Okay built qualityWorks with PS3!!!!!!!!PLug and play
    I decided to try it out with my ps3 and it worked. Now i can finally use my pc headset with my ps3. I actually bought this because my pc only has one audio port that is both microphone and output. The price of the item is amazing.
    Buy it if you need it. It just works. ANd it is so plug and play it even works with the ps3. . I advice wrapping tape around it because the thing come apart easely.

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