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blue car police Customers Reviews

  • Fast shipment

    posted by ThaRocket

    Solid build, nice leds and very bright. Long cable to build it in your car for example.
    Very easy to use, fast shipment (Netherlands) and very well priced.
    Recommend this to everyone who wants to try this gadget.
    Happy with the product, recommended! Got it less than a day and tried it in my car. Works well and the lights are bright enough at day. Should look great at night. Very funny product, but not legal as said before. So be carefull trying this on the road.
  • Great Product!

    posted by svennl

    Really like this product. Especially bescause you can order multiple sets and only use the blue leds! Build quality of this product is good. I will put this lights in the grill of my Volkswagen and connect it from the battery to the control panel in the car. The control panel is very small so you can stick it in the car where ever you want without some to notice it.
    I was searching for something like this for a long time, i would only like to use the blue leds so i disconnected the red ones. I am still waiting for more leds, i want a pair of blue leds in my grill and 2 on the inside of the car behind my front window.
    If you are looking for some cool police lights order this product!!
  • Looks good!

    posted by 6ViX9

    Looks very good.Few different flashing modes (maybe seven. I didn't count them). Theres a small button witch you can change mode or hold it long to shut this off.
    With small improvements this could be very good five-star product. Now I have to give only 3 stars for quality.
    Looks very good.Not perfect desing but does the job.
  • Works great, good build quality

    posted by Gil_Bar

    Works great, takes a while to install but I guess that depends on your car type and the place where you install it.
    Gives a bright red and blue light that is seen in daylight as well.
    I had to install using only 3 bars (two red, one blue) and it works without a problem.
    it comes with a set of different mounting clips that gives a good range of installation options
    I'm happy with it. I use it a lot, and it works fine.
    Works! great product. make sure you have the right to use it in your country.
  • Cheap and you can sure laugh ur ass off

    posted by nickmilesmiller

    - This product for it's price, i swear.. you never laughed so hard hitting the high road LOL!- Product works great, easy installment- Nice brightness!
    I didn't know what was plus or minus (talking about 12V connection here..), there is no manual description at although usually RED = +, BLACK = fase. It scared me at first cause maybe i was gonna blow my circuit ;) as in PC connection is visa versa. If you want to use it like me as a cigarette power source, soldering is the only option because 12V gets too hot i guess. Don't get a screw connection if they even exist!
    Like i said, works like a charm. I hope it lasts a little because i didn't laughed this hard on the high road. Everyone will let you pass!

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