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  • Be visible

    posted by tincan27

    Makes night cycling safer as it increases visibility to others. Easy to install and comes with battery too.Only lights up when u cycle, therefore long lasting battery life. Cheap and nice gadget for your cycling experience
    Cheap and nice fashion for your bicycle. Increase visibility to other road user, feels safer to cycle at night. Definitely attention catcher, other road user will sure notice this rotating light on your wheels.
    Very affordable nice gadget for cycling
  • Cap

    posted by natalia505

    It's an excellent cap! I like it very much! It looks very good and stylish! It's made of nice worn look blue fabric. All seams are equal. There is an embroidery in the front of the hat.
    The size is really very good, it is not onle for 48-52 cm head size (approx. 3 year old child), it can be good even for a bigger boy.
    I bought very nice worn look jeans for my sun and this cap will suit him in the best possible way!!!I recommend this cap for purchase!!! It's a good choice!!! )))))))
  • You get what you pay for

    posted by ahuillet

    The product behaves just fine, and has a better feeling than the original one.
    The brand product is not of great quality itself and will melt under intensive use.
    I would recommend to buy several of those at once, because replacement will be required pretty often. Quality is overall much poorer than the original product but the price is right.
  • Review for the playstation 3 analog

    posted by kleanjack

    The analog is very cheap and easy to use, it doesn't stick to your hand and it comes in four colours which make customization of the controller a lot better.
    The analog sticks are really nice, never seen any other than black except this.
    It is a good product for a really small price.
  • Useful replacement for all having worn point stick caps

    posted by Yellow73

    Cheap but important replacement part for all hp notebooks having worn pointstick caps.Mine was so worn that I could hardly use my pointstick. Having this replacement part it's working again easily and accurately.
    Shipping was free, but took almost 50 days to arrive to Hungary.
    Recommended for everyone needing a replacement pointstick cap for hp notebooks

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