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  • Super sensitive

    posted by freman

    Super sensitive, don't need to get your finger anywhere near it - I suppose that helps with mounting options, you can stick it to the back of a piece of plastic casing.
    Would have been nice it came with a cable, in fact if it had come with the cable for the top set of pins then the bottom set would be entirely superfluous
    Does what it says it will, is a very sensitive capacitive touch sensor, just plug it into your arduino and go. It behaves like a switch.
  • Usefull pack of connectors

    posted by nejcek74

    Work as intended. Good enough workmanship. Individual connectors looks alike, colors and plastic without many errors. On a quick glance it doesn't seems any part missing.
    I prefer to have some of this around all the time. It is one of the simplest way to connect wires and you don't need any special tools. Quick and clean.
    If you need just a small batch of connectors this is the right package for you.
  • Just another bumper frame. Actual color matches pictures.

    posted by boltique

    Quick and easy to install - just pull it over your iPhone. Protects all edges, but doesn't make the phone bulky. Actual color matches photos in the description. Volume buttons work great. All holes are aligned Tested with two different 30-pin connectors and two different 3.5mm stereo jacks.
    Polyurethane feels more smooth and less sticky than silicone.
    Nice and compact. Worth its price.
  • Great and can make your psp standout

    posted by pspmodder

    these buttons are cheap and will go great with a transparent faceplate or a silver faceplate.
    you can also mix the different color buttons with others to make your psp standout

    i know mine will because nobody in my school has there like mine

    you can also sell them if you don't like them, my friend wants to buy them so i told him this website because i don't want to sell mine
    quality and cheap
    i recommend you buy them if you want your psp to stand out
  • Good for prototype testing

    posted by joe_weisman

    Very straightforward way of creating 8 pushbuttons with separate leads (although common ground). I used two for prototype test of a 16 button device, and it saved me the efforts of mounting and wiring 16 pushbuttons.
    Nice click feel and sound. I wonder what it was designed for originally?
    Good buy if you need 8 buttons for cheap and easy.

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