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blue air cleaner

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blue air cleaner Customers Reviews

  • blows as tornado

    posted by solarX

    - blows as well as possible
    - such small blower definitely will travel with without any discomfort
    - as cheap as possible without affecting efficiency
    - put it close to get maximum blowing power
    Such compact size and tiny weight are ultimately usefull when you have to have blower and cleaning pen nearby
    If you are not going to blow inside your nose buy with excess reasonings!
  • You squeeze, it blows

    posted by KickassKev

    - soft- easy to squeeze- comfortable in large hands- air pressure is sufficiently strong to get most dust particles dislodged- compact- intake hole at the rear, so less prone to sucking up the dust it just blew off
    Keeps junk off my lens and filters, so I'm happy. Fits easily in my camera bag, although with the nozzle it does take up some room.
    Cheaper than most manual air blower bulbs that I found online. A perfectly good buy, since it blows.
  • Very good product for cleaning electronics, computers and digital cameras.

    posted by ssekulovski

    It's quite a large blower (twice the volume of my old blower), constructed out of a durable rubber. The rubber in the middle part of the blower (where you squeeze) is thinner than my old blower and therefore it is easier to operate.
    I replaced the front metal part with a front end of a pen and the blowing strength doubled... I would recommend this to everyone who wishes their blower was a little stronger :D
    It's a very cheap product with great durability and usefulness. the build quality of the top and bottom pieces could be batter, but at this price you can't expect more...

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