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blower air cleaner Customers Reviews

  • Does what it promises!

    posted by gsmaciel

    This does what you would expect: blows air with enough pressure to dust off delicate and hard to reach objects or places.Build quality is great, it's made of a rubber that seems very resistant, also has a suction cup for holding it still on flat surfaces.I use it to clean my DSLR sensor and it seems to do the trick, I can't spot any dust specs on my photos anymore.
    It's a nice product, with great price as usual. You really can't go wrong with it.
    I like it, very useful for cleaning my DSLR.
  • Good Air Blower

    posted by Bulgina

    Lenses are soiled at all, even at the accuratest photographers. Kids with playful handles, curious adults with the same hands and itself sometimes you can unsuccessfully grab or point a finger. These problems are solved by microfiber, a specialpencil (in any way zatestiry) or a slice of suede I (use). But besides fingers photoequipment motes actively pollute, fibers, etc. an unpleasant trifle. To shake it is problematic, you shouldn't blow off a mouth because in a mouth a saliva and it is possible to spoil in general everything, the rag too bad option — a mote can have an organic origin and will simply be smeared on glass. Here rescue the air pear comes!
    Here rescue the air pear comes! Quickly I blew off all muck and an order! ) ) )
    Here rescue the air pear comes! Quickly I blew off all muck and an order! ) ) )
  • Looks great and works well

    posted by dsmama

    I chose this as it looks the best among the rest (cliche :P)
    Like the little red tip; 'informs' me if I'm going to close to the surface of an object. This is useful when I do not want to risk scratching the surfaces with the tip.
    Produces sufficient blow-by (for my standard) to remove dust and tiny particles on my computer screen, camera lens, DS Lite screens, keyboard.
    Does not feels stick to hold, and it provides a great grip unlike the previous ones I had.
    The size fits well into my palm, hence I think was able to create a strong blow.
    Not sure how to get the measurements to see if you can get a great fit. I guess it would be like buying lottery then.
    I hope it last long as I'm not even going to look at another blower!
  • A rubber balloon

    posted by Carniflex

    It is normal rubber balloon you can squeeze and then air comes out. Has small plastic tip that helps to make the airflow tight cone. At first glance it seems that it can indeed blow away dust from smooth surfaces if you go close enough with it.
    It is nice rubber ball. Considerably cheaper than you would get from your local photoshop. As I have not used one from local shop then I cant compare quality of those. But hey - it's a rubber ball with hole in it to allow air to escape. It should not be that hard to do.
  • As the title sais - this is a must have kit for your camera

    posted by Kruvi45

    It’s a great and essential kit for your camera & lenses.Air blower works great and since it’s been very effective I haven’t had to wet clean the sensor yet – it’s enough to just blow through the compartment every now and then to clean off the dust.The cloth is soft (as it should be) and doesn’t leave any excess bits behind like some other materials do.
    Everything works as it should. So far the air blower has been the single most useful camera cleaning tool, the other tools are there for backup, but mostly not necessary.
    This is a must have kit for your camera if you’re not planning on photoshopping dust particles from all of your pictures manually.

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