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block phone signal Customers Reviews

  • Does not work

    posted by fnurkla

    Well, it is cheap.Decent quality.Looks good, and got a sturdy feel.But what is it worth if it does not work?
    The pouch is large enough for most cell phones, but was barely large enough for an iPhone 5.For the xperia the size was good enough.
    Don't buy it!It does not block any signal.It is a nice pouch though....
  • Real crowd pleaser, great item

    posted by unmistakable

    Fold over top that is easy to slip your small cell phone into. Two pouches inside the outer cover, one that completely blocks the phone from all signals (we tested it) and the other pocket which still allows the phone to receive calls. Very handy item.
    The leather is kind of thin, but it still looks pretty nice. People like this item once they understand what it does.
    A very good deal on a nice item that could resell at a decent profit, and a great gift for all your friends and family who value their privacy.
  • Great value, poor looking

    posted by gabrius

    This mobile phone pouch works as Faraday Cage, so any electronic device can not communicate. This includes mobile phones, trackers, etc.It is a good thing for phones like iPhone, where you can not take out the battery from the device.
    It is a good tool to remain your privacy untouched.The build quality overall is acceptable.
    Despite the look, this is a great and reasonably priced tool for your privacy.There is no other protection for mobile phones with built-in battery.

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