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blade replacement helicopter

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blade replacement helicopter Customers Reviews

  • Excellent Pack

    posted by antonionf

    They are very useful and have great quality.
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  • good quality

    posted by fnSeT

    Good quality product and works perfectly as a unique, easy to replace and excellent result. was equal to the new. Excellent price for an excellent product, I recommend it.
    Good quality product and works perfectly as a unique, easy to replace and excellent result. was equal to the new
    excellent product
  • Hélice de ótima qualidade

    posted by vallemarc

    I can say these blades are very good, the material is of good quality is good size and weight very regular. I bought several price e'o best of all,here in Brazil leaves much more expensive, the problem is expected to arrive. You must buyin many cases to break.
    I would buy these helices again, is the price differential. The quality is good andare lightweight and durable
  • Wonderful value

    posted by merenguele

    Perfect replacement and perfect fit.
    Can't say difference with original one.
    The construction is very good, no deformations or blur edges.
    The price is fantastic as it is a 4 piece set.
    Black color, light weight, aparently well balanced... I think I could try to use these for something more than my helicopter tail, maybe some kind of quadracopter, or an hovercraft...
    When I recieved them in the buble envelope I thought it would be deformed or broken, but they came in very well shape, no sight of damage in the post.
    I think I will ask for some more so I will have more spares and for new do it yourself projects
  • Great Value

    posted by djice

    Sturdy construction, well balanced - didn't even have to put counterweights, lighter than the original; better than original blade curvature - creates better lift,. Easily paintable and being white as base, any color would come out.
    These blade may be cheap but it works great! Good replacement part. The small mounting hole isn't that much of a problem, in fact it's a nice feature.
    This is a good buy. Works well and made my heli much more stable.

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