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  • Really cool item for the price

    posted by Visionaire

    A really well constructed and thought out strap. Other hand grips only have two points of attachment so th? hand sits crooked, with limited access to controls other than the shutter release button. This one has a third - a thin strap for the wrist, so the weight of the camera distributes more evenly and the hand is in a comfortable position. The leather is realy soft and pleasant.
    Like the other reviewer said - it covers the battery slot, so wouldn't recommend it for really long shoots, otherwise be prepared to spend some time replacing the battery.
    Great camera accessory for the price!
  • very nice wrist strap

    posted by olqminn

    the silicone is not from the cheapest one
    mine come with 2 dragon flies but its nice anyway :] if you like silicone straps buy this one :]!
    its very stilish. you can resize it so its perfect for women and men. even for children :]. it is perfect for gifting. :) As i said the build quality is good
    you can put it very easly on your hand. (you wont need another person). If you like it buy it! its very cheap.
    that's all i can say
  • Nice Mount

    posted by gutterball

    After screwing it in, the tri-pod mount is centered! VERY important if you are using a tri-pod. Another strap I used offset the tri-pod mount by a bit and this caused the camera to become very unsteady on a tripod.Good pricing. Says Canon, made in Japan on the bottom.
    I don't like wearing my cameras around my neck and prefer the wrist straps!Combine this mount with the strap off of the Mennon: http://www.dx.com/p/mennon-camera-grip-wrist-strap-8175and you have a tri-pod safe and comfortable wrist strap!
    Wrist strap feels better than having a DSLR hanging off your neck.
  • Very good price

    posted by JamesDaHater

    - The price is excellent.- The quality is "good".- It is easy to use.- It is pretty comfortable.
    - I don't know if it works, and I don't know how to test it. That's my fault, sorry
    - The quality is good but no SO good, be careful with it. It seems pretty fragile.You can't complain. it is very cheap! Just buy it.You won't be sorry!!
  • Very helpful product!

    posted by Sc0rpi0N

    - It's very light, fits on any hand size and it's waterproff!- Greatly helps relieve everyday stress that I have.- Durable and and dosen't ripped
    I don't know if it's the Bracelet or if it's Psychological but it's working. I fell better with it on my hand.Recommended!
    Very helpful to any person that want to relife the Presere. More over, it's very beautiful and add the nature beauty of the men's look.


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