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  • A Great Switch But With Flaws ! ! !

    posted by adityasahu1

    The Most Good Looking Switches Ever Seen.The Design Is Unique And Gels Well With The Interior Of The Car Too.The Useful Feature Is The Holder Which Connects The Main Wire With Switch Wiring. Great When Need To DIY.
    A nice product, only thing is quality control must be followed to look after the above problems.
  • Perfect

    posted by Squiggy

    Works perfectly.Good build quality.Solid plug - it's not going to come loose.Works for GoPro Hero and Hero2.Good clear picture. No electrical interference or poor connection.It's really cheap. You can pay more than $10 for an official gopro cord.Good length. No too long, not too short.
    I couldn't find another cord like this anywhere for under $5. It works perfectly and is the cheapest around. What more could you want?
    Cheapest on the net by far, and works perfectly. Get it.
  • easy to use and quick

    posted by marvanagt

    The remote shutter release is very good if you want to shoot pictures with different shutter speeds and don't want any movement that can screw up your photo's (best if used in combination with a tripod of course).The cable is long enough for you to use it easy and comfortably.You can press the button halfway so the camera focuses when set to autofocus to ensure the best picture.When ready, press the button and the picture is taken immediately.It's easy to use and responds very quickly.Design is simple and effective, easy to hold and use in your hand.
    Very simple design, quick and easy to use. It does what it's designed to do.
  • Good sensitivity

    posted by Shannoes

    It's very sensitive and moves smoothly on all surfaces. The cord is lightweight and flexible so it's not getting in the way of things on my desk. The rubber coating is easy to grip, but it's not the type that attracts dust easily. The wheel moves freely with nice-feeling detents that click positively without feeling sticky. No software is required to use it, just lug it in and away you go!
    I don't play games that require me to change the DPI on-the-fly do I don't know if the sensitivity button on the top does the job.
    This is one of the better mice I've owned, at least as good as the $100+ mice that I've used in the past. I bought this mouse after reading a review on another site for a similar gaming mouse from DX. At the low price it's definitely worth the money.
  • Cheap cable manager

    posted by Stojanovic2011

    Great Stuff! Now I can finally organize all those cables around the house. Very simple to assemble and use. The double sided tape sticks well. The cable is well secured in place and will not get loose and fall out.
    Good item for a cheap price. If you want to make your cables dissapear this is the one for you. Very usefull item. You can use it to organize the cables on your TV cabinet. No more loose cables.
    Bottomline it does the job that it is required to do and it does it well.

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