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  • Helps keep the Gamepad intact

    posted by hutoi

    Protects the gamepad as supposed. Looks slick, like the gamepad was meant to have one. Helps gamers get a better grip, and protects against accidents and mishaps.I paired it with this: 170962
    I attached a strap to the sleeve (can´t believe Nintendo did not include a strap for gamepad). My children have already dropped the gamepad once on the floor. Some games are just too intense... That mishap happened before I got the sleeve.
    It is ok to wear one...
  • Very good for the price

    posted by gsilvercat

    very similar to the original one. the plastic feels very good. the buttons react very well to the touch. It comes with a nice silicone case.
    it's a great controller for casual gamers.
    Good if you don't need precision for your games. If you play plattforms, racing, dance or similar games it will server you good. But if you play fps or the like you will have a hard time aiming.
  • good

    posted by cial44

    I think these are better than the original Wiimote silicone case. It gives a better "feel" of the controller. And has a cover for the nunchuck as well. The black color makes it look clean for more time. LOL Thin enough so I can pierce a hole to charge my Wiimote battery (sku 1353) without ruining the cover.
    This product really is flawless. It fits perfectly and it has a great feel to it. I have a black wiimote so it doesn't even look like I have a sleeve on it. I am not aware of any sleeves for nunchucks so I was surprised that it came with one. It was easy to put on (took less than a minute) despite that it doesn't have any instructions. I highly recommend it to any wii owners!
  • The equivalant of the original black housing

    posted by XDr4g0nX

    -It's glossy black-All the screws that are used in the new housing are here, and they are all Philips screws so you don't have to use a Tri-wing during assemble of your Wii-The buttons even are black
    I have received the housing a few days ago and installed my Wii into it together with a red Wiigate without a manual what so ever, however i do recommend to watch a video of a Wii disassembly to know what your getting yourself into.
    I love this case and if i ever rebuild a Wii again with a different housing, the housing is going to be bought here again.
  • Does the job

    posted by snowgrill

    - Fits the wii board quite well- Very strong silicone good quality silicone- Cheaper than I could possibly buy in my country- My wii is black so it looks much better with a black board- Good grip makes it easier to keep your balance on it
    - Could be a bit cheaper... Come on DX lower ir a bit... :)
    Its a must have if your wii is black and will keep your expensive board safe from scratches

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