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This is our best black tip, they all share a great design and great prices. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.

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  • Works just as expected

    posted by CarlosLint

    As usual, it's cheaper than local stores.Also, it's well done, so you get what you'd expect from it.Como de costume, ele é mais barato que nas lojas locais.Fora isso, ele é bem feitinho, então você vai conseguir exatamente o que você espera dele.
    I lost my soldering iron support, so I bought one of these and I can use it for cleaning and holding my soldering iron at same time.Eu perdí o suporte do meu ferro de solda, então eu comprei um desses e agora eu uso tanto pra limpar o ferro quando pra segurar ele durante a solda, ao mesmo tempo.
    If you need one of these, this is totally worth it!
  • Very usefull!

    posted by LocoDonEduardo

    This thing is really great. Especially, if you are doing a lots of rework, you can quickly remove the excess solder from your tip. I used it now for like 3 month, and the mesh is still in great shape.
    If you put some flux on your mesh, it will even remove more solder from your solder tip. But then, the mesh will keep the solder, and it will not fall down to the ground, so I suppose you need a fresh mesh faster.
    Get one, if you are doing much of solder work. Here in Switzerland, you will pay at least 4 times the price.
  • Super cute!

    posted by jessyross

    - They have a cute style,- They fit the nails very well - They are long- From a distance they look very natural- If you take good care of them, they can last a lot of time.
    I'd suggest buying 2 packages of it, since it comes only 12 pieces of nails and you may lose some while wearing (I've lost 2 already xD). Also, buying 2 packages would help you finding the perfect size for your nails.
    I recommend this to everyone who wants pretty and flashy nails and doesn't have enough time to make them on their own ^^
  • Great screwdriver at good pricee

    posted by captjimjam

    - The bits are useful for working on small electronics.
    - Works for nokia N95 8Gb screws (which was the reason I bought it).
    - Has magnetic end to hold the bits in place.
    - The bits are all held inside the body of the screwdriver.
    - The bits seem fairly strong and are unlikely to snap.
    - Light to carry.
    - Useful tool for working on certain electronic devices, for example; phones, Ipods, electronics adapters with special screw.
  • They work, they fit my poles

    posted by vldxacc

    What can I say, they are reasonably priced bits of rubber, pretty similar to the original ones on my trekking poles that came off and went missing. They fit and work. Check the size to make sure it fits.
    Don't use trekking poles without tips of some kind.... usually.
    If you lost your trekking pole tips, try these.

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