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    posted by yuriduarte

    Good quality, many features, very usefull. HAS TEMPERATURE , MIN AND MAX, time, timer, max and min speed. odometer , distance that you ride, calot=ries and fat burned.
    it took some time to understant the features but the functions and adjustments are intuitive if you had already used a bike computer
    bood product and the ldc light is very usefull during the night. I recommend !In my case I am using in an eletric mini folding bike so the information of calories and fat burned is not useful to me !!!! but temperature, distance, min, max and average speed , time of riding... it a nice peace os equipment!
  • Think again

    posted by valsinbox

    Good quality, clear display, big numbers, good battery life, easy to install. Very good price and quality.
    I got another one (SKU: 24075) for a year now. its still working on same battery without cons. Very good item. I recomend it!
    Very good item. I recomend it!But I didn't get it with temp meter
  • Great for a beater bike

    posted by veryperson

    This is perfect for a winter/commuter/city bike. I installed it on two of my "vehicles" and they seem to function perfectly after a few 100 kilometers.
    I have owned a very identical unit in the past (branded differently) and the battery has lived a couple years of regular use, so if this unit is exactly the same as I expect, then it's almost maintenance free!
    Buy Buy Buy!
  • Great device for great price

    posted by Grask

    I agree with the previous reviewers that the price value is unbeatable. All sensors you need are there (GPS,cadence, speed and HR). The device is sturdy and waterproof. Sensors are precise. Easy to operate.Also active users forum and support from GSsport.
    Use it with Sporttracks and tcx plugin for monitoring. I also use it with Strava. For GPS routing I still use my android phone and OSMand app on a bike handle bar.
    For this price you can't go wrong as far as GPS, HR,cadence and speed tracking on a bike. Just buy it you won't be disappointed. Just don't expect a Garmin 850 touchscreen like device.
  • meet the practical needs

    posted by anchormustafa

    When you enter the correct tire dimensions of the data presented is correct. I did check.
    preferableunderstood some of the facilities available. such as the time of service. km reset and see how far you're doing just one option. show the total distance. km in the car to show the dial does not feature in the total
    A nice deal, overall

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