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It's very convenient for you to find the black sleeve you want at our online shop. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.

black sleeve Customers Reviews

  • Multisport Finger Sleeves for Gym Fitness / Basketball / Volleyball - Black

    posted by RenatoJorge

    a great idea to have for working people, or to any kind of sports more risky to the fingerssoft but holds gooddifferent sizes, for different fingersit is cheap for the use you will give them
    hope it maintain the elasticityif i had this before, i would have already been used very muchfor those that can not understand how it is, think of a swimming gloves, for cold. Like a surfer suit. Looks like the same neoperene
    buy it even if you do not thing you need itYOU WILL NEED IT, be certain
  • Cheap and useful

    posted by jansusko

    What's there to say? -It's a good protective sponge sleeve. -Not too big, not too thick. -It's soft and will protect your tablet from normal fall damage.-It doesn't look like it's going to be torn or ruined anytime soon.-Two zippers (you can have your tablet connected to the computer or charger, or have your earphones, speakers in, or your USB if you can connect it, while it's still in the sleeve.
    The inside could be the same colour as the outside, it could be even cheaper.
    It's great if you need a protective bag for your tablet. It's easy to use. And you can have anything connected to the tablet while it's still protected by the sleeve.
  • Wonderful tablet case

    posted by Miguel7PR

    It is highly advisable to take all kinds of delicate devices padded case. The combination of black and green give the bag a casual and youthful touch quite beneficial
    Overall it is a good buy because it does the job perfectly and has a very reasonable price, combining functionality and aesthetics
    Good quality / price. It has an ideal size to carry not only tablets but to use it as a normal folder to transport documents
  • Great cover for any tablet!

    posted by Jakenz

    Easy to slip your tablet into this piuch. The flap allows for secure holding and prevents dust from entering the pouch. Just like a Kangaroo! :-) Th enon slip rubber material means it stays put when placed down on a surface and also prevents damage to the device inside. Great !
    This is well made and good quality product to pretect your expensive tablet its worth it!
    I would buy this again. I recommend to my grandmother to purchase. Thanks to this pouch my tablet is well protected.
  • good

    posted by LordKo

    stylishlyeasyeffectivelylightabsorbed by and draws moisture away from the bodyvery well ventilated when it is hot :)older people often get scared at night :))) probably think that death came after them :)as it turned out: a lot more casual dating from the unusual appearance
    worth the money spent.I think to buy the same but with a different patternor find pants with a suitable design in style
    I think that it is a quality itemwithstand daily use and wear due to falls

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