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black ring Customers Reviews

  • Good looking ring

    posted by hpkt75

    Very nice looking ring. The material appears to be sturdy. Lettering appears engraved and not printed. The engraving also appears on the inside, but is not uncomfortable. The blasck color is shiny and not matte, which is as shown on the site.
    Good color option instead of the golden original one. Only time will tell if the color or material will deteriorate.
    It's a no brainer a this price. Get one for your friends as gifts!
  • Functional, but need a slight improvement

    posted by JFMachado

    It's an adapter to use ANY F-mount lens on a m4/3 Body. It's self explainatory.It's EXTREMELY usefull to make movies using F-mount prime ou "fast"-zoom lenses, including lastest generations of G-type (gelded) lenses, which don't have an aperture ring.
    Attaches effortlessly to m4/3 bodies, and works as it should (after minor tweaks).As this is merely a physical adapter, there is no auto-focus transmission whatsoever, nor lens info being fed back to the camera.Heavy lenses that lack a tripod collar may put too much strain to the camera body if not hand-held, so beware.
    After the few fixes my unit needed, it works flawlessly. It allows me to use ALL of my Nikkor and third party F-mount lenses on my Olympus PEN.You will always have to guess your aperture; the only sure ones will be wide-open or fully-closed.This is not a very big issue: my PEN's Aperture-priority ("A") mode works based on light hitting the sensor, so it exposes no matter what aperture.The fixes mentioned above do not require any expertise. As long as you can use a screwdriver and pliers, it's very easy to adjust the adapter to perfection.Overall, recomended!
  • Best adapter!!!

    posted by LGrey

    Solid, well built.Lens is inserted with force and firmly seated on camera body, no any "floating" and "shaking".
    It is painful to find good adapter for Leica M optics (like Voightlander) to E-mount (for Sony Nex cameras).I bought Fotodiox adapter on Amazon and it was good fit on camera, but my lense is "float" on it. Whole lense is shaking on adapter and there was a side flare sometimes. I can not adjust it.
    Great product. "Official" adapter cost about 200$ and i heard it is not so good :)
  • I missed this!

    posted by dwemobiel

    the right colour, fits like a charm and does exactly what it is supposed to do. at small apperature (f20) the IS isn't enough anymore, even at bright light. I can't do without it anymore! the nut connection for the tripod is made of metal
    excelent priced, black just like the lens, you can't see the difference from the original, don't forget to turn off your mage stabilizer.
    order it! i can't think of a reason why not!
  • Good according to price

    posted by CeciSach

    - It's very cheap compared with what a navel piercing usually costs (at least in my country :P), and the quality is not that bad.
    - It was a good buy, since it was very cheap...
    - It met my expectatives in the end... Good price.

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