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black retro sunglasses Customers Reviews


    posted by pedroba44

    Very cool sunglasses, it comes with a hard case and a cleaning towel.Black colour of the frame looks awesome combined with the red revo coating of the glasses.
    True polarization of the glasses. I could check it by turning my Oreka in front of the pc screen, it got blackened.The frame are made from plastic with a slightly wood touch feeling.
    Buy it! Good buy and choice and, yes, awesome price.Totally recommended.
  • Very good quality and sun protection

    posted by whataniceice

    The case that it comes with is very useful. It protects the glasses well and it is small enough to not be a bother in my bag. The glasses are very well made. The lens block out a lot of sunlight and they are comfortable.
    The cleaning cloth is also very useful and convieniant.
    For the low price that I paid, I recieved a lot. It comes with the glasses, case and a cleaning cloth that are all of excellent quality. These glasses at other stores are usually around $10 by themselves but this one comes with the case and cleaning cloth. I definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good looking, cheap pair of sunglasses.
  • Great Value for a good sunglass

    posted by cefalonx

    Very good quality.Protective case came with it, and also a big cleaning cloth.Polarized lens works well.Construction seems to be very strong.
    Color advertised was different from delivered.Supposed to be Black + Yellow, delivered Black + Red.But no regrets, red looks good.
    Great quality at a reasonable price.Polarized lens works well.If you like that type of lens, it's totally worth it.
  • Style over material

    posted by zarnonz

    Looks killer! and the tint of the plastic lenses is black! and definitely darkens well against sunlight*.
    *Medical notice (not only regarding these sun glasses):The lower the UV screening is (in this case 400) and the darker the shading and tint of the lens, means that our pupils will allow more sunlight! because it is "tricked" into thinking it's dark. This means more bad UV rays will enter and hit you cornea. This is not recoomended at all. So please consider this if you plan on enjoyins these sun glasses.
    Get it if you look for a cheap imitation of good quality pricey glasses which look like this :}
  • Excellent

    posted by hertogj

    The design is great, it looks exactly like my friends' rayban. The price, well what's not to like. Very cheap.The glasses are slightly dim, but not completely so in some cases your eyes are still visible for others. This could be considered a Con though i prefer it when others can see my eyes while talking. Still enough to protect your eyes from the sun, obviously.
    I ordered 3 pair to enable bulk discount, incase i lose a pair at a party or festival. Definitely worth it
    Great looking glasses for an excellent price. Get this if you want Rayban looking Wayfarers but not pay the insane price for them

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