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black protection Customers Reviews

  • Useful, but bound to strenght!

    posted by Delighted

    Lights up nearby objects. Great for reading. Can be used for lighting up objects in your nearby path, when walking in complete darkness. Has 1 LED on each side (can be turned on/off individually). Appears somewhat flimsy, but is actually sturdy enough. Comes in a protective case!
    In my opinion, the strenght should've been mentioned precisely. Reading with +3, when (for example) needing +1, goes just fine. But do not try to move around too much with them. The distortion will cause you some side affects that resemble those of slight intoxication ;)
    Hmm. Not 100% if it is worth the asking price, but it is a practical little gadget. I initially bought it for my partner, so she can read while we are on the road. Now that I made you aware of the +3 strenght, you yourself should be able to judge best whether or not this is something you'd want to buy. That aside: For reading in the dark, I'd surely recommend these glasses.
  • Very good

    posted by kazhs

    Uses polarized thicken UV400 lens,effectively eliminate the scattered light beam; Provides best protection for your eyes.Great for driving, riding, travel and other outdoor sports
    Really good product for its prize. Light and nice looking.the product satisfies all the published specification.Good quality lenses. The plastic is not cheap. The frame is of good quality.The style of the glasses is very nice.
    Very good value for money
  • looking good

    posted by Koffert

    - sunglasses with nice shiny color, looks great on you! fits on on my head, so it will on your head too.All in all great sunglasses and it works like a charm.Works perfectly against the sunlight
    you just look awesome with them! Surprisingly enough, it works against sunlight!
    you can find cheaper sunglasses on dx, but what the heck... it looks great and you will not regret your purchase!
  • Nice Goodlooking eyeglasses

    posted by DXalonDX

    Great product! i used it at the beach, cycling an they are great!
    this picture about the lens i not true. they arn't mirror lens(the are half mirror), they are polarized and the got the colour but not that strong as shown.
    I really like them, my friends saw them and want to buy them from me. really recommended for this price!
  • surely worth the investment

    posted by vpmar

    definitely worth the investment, definitely an awesome sunglasses with a very beautiful finish and with a good acceptance escelente acentamento on eyes and face
    I recommend everyone to be very cheap and useful, this product will give you a good combination with other personal accessories, to have a beautiful color combination
    I recommend everyone to be very cheap and useful

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