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  • very useful product.Great price !

    posted by macduck1935

    Great size, versatility. Plays all the file formats I have tried with no stalls or flickers. Easy to move from video to music, photos etc.
    Indicator lights are hard to see.
    Excellent value. Eliminates the need to convert video file formats, plays all I have tried seamlessly. And where could you find a better price ?
  • Good and strong speaker

    posted by Cuyopc

    The size is small, which is a plus. The horn is a bit heavy, which gives it stability. The sound it produces is very good, has a lot of volume, and has many features like Bluetooth, micro sd card, and auxiliary. The duration of the battery is about 10 hours, which is very useful and good.El tamaño es pequeño, lo cual es una ventaja. La bocina es un poco pesada, lo que le da estabilidad. El sonido que produce es muy bueno, tiene mucho volumen, y cuenta con muchas funciones, como Bluetooth, tarjeta micro sd, y auxiliar. La duracion de la pila es de unas 10 horas, lo cual es muy util y bueno.
    I like it so much, is very cheap and useful. The size is perfect.
    Great price, great product, very satisfied.
  • This is the best media player ever!

    posted by santijuncos

    I totally recommend it because you can either connect it to a full HD led and to a non-hd crt television. The package includes hdmi cable of a very good quality, video component cable, usb cable, and power source for using at both 110-220 v.
    i tried a 2.5 sata hard disk inside of the enclosure and it works perfectly fine for using also as a carry disk; the interface is really fast. the media player supports also SD cards, usb pen drives and usb hard disks formatted on fat32 and ntfs formats.
    I totally recommend you buying it, it's really cheap, doesn't get hot by using it for long hours and it supports many character sets for subtitles.
  • good MP3 player (I love it)

    posted by symon088

    A wonderful MP3 player. It has a very beautiful design. is very useful. Works like a charm. If you connect better headset have MP3 player better sound. Baterija deluje od tri do štiri ure. Napolni se v eni uri.
    Is very easy to use. With the MP3's arrived Charger (USB) and headsets.
    I love it! I have buy two f tham (white and black) and all of tham works good.
  • Nice product, not worked so well for me

    posted by jmzuleta

    Great design. Very portable, indeed. The keys are soft and nice to touch. Easy to transport it wherever you go.
    It is a charming device, no doubt. But you may be interested in the acknowledgment of the problems of charge this product may (may not) have. I used the mp3 player with bigger headphones and I getting a really great signal. I am not using it any longer, I preferred to go back to my old music mp3.
    I think this is a very nice and portable sound device. I feel kind of sad about having some troubles with the electric charge.

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