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black pipe Customers Reviews

  • Perfect pipe holders.

    posted by Zaaag

    -Fold-able, low profile when folded, can fit in a small space.-Sturdy, I have some heavier pipes and these stands hold them with no problems.
    If you own a Churchwarden style pipe, these stands will not support it. These stands only support shorter pipes.
    If you are looking for a (very) inexpensive pipe stand for a shelf or a table, these are definitely worth buying.
  • Fine for it's pourpose.

    posted by tutibaker

    Very solid and resistant piece. Nice finishing, it holds the phone firmly, doesn't shake or move without you applying force. It works perfectly for bumpy roads or nice highways.
    If you use some kind of protection, you need to remove it before attaching your phone to the holder.
    Could be cheaper, but it's still a very good purchase. If you need one for you galaxy note, go ahead!
  • Best pipe lighter on DX

    posted by NameForumNick

    Very nice adjustable gas flow. Proper pipe lighter style side shooting flame for real pipe smokers. Can be refilled easily. Good solid feeling gas igniter. Good build quality and fit. The artificial leather covering feels nice and warm in hand. Looks stylish and a lot more expensive than it really is. Cheap as chips.
    This lighter is better quality than the older, slightly cheaper pipe lighter on DX that is currently sold out (SKU: 10080). This one is about a dollar more expensive but you get a lot better pipe lighter. This has no unnecessary extra features. It's just a pipe lighter and a very good one at that.
    If you're a pipe smoker and don't like to mess around with matches then you need to buy one or more of these.
  • I'm loving it !

    posted by gauravg

    Very affordable gadget,Fair build quality,Excellent Audio QualityLarge buttonsAccepts SD, Micro SD & USB driveEven has a working remote !
    I was thinking that maybe a larger flexible pipe, and better LCD screen and a shuffle function would be good
    Amazing value product - does what it is supposed to do- play good audio ... at a good price point
  • Great if it will fit your gun

    posted by CDODD1

    High-quality metal construction. Threads are very well cut, without the burrs I would expect from a low-cost tube. The locking is nut also a high quality crown nut.
    I bought this to fit the "Tactical Stock Adapter - Glock Edition" (SKU 113648) for a Glock airsoft, which has a "standard" thread; I had to epoxy it into the "adapter". Fits the "CTR Butt Stock" (SKU 103054) fine, with only a little bit of a loose fit.
    Epoxying the tube in place should work for the light duty of an airsoft, but would be much better if it fit "standard" threads. As long as the size works for you, this is a great buy.

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