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You can find fashionable black pink at a low price. DX also offers coupon discounts as high as 50% for products on the dx website, offering you huge savings! DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.

black pink Customers Reviews

  • NICE!!!

    posted by vladafreestyle

    Good quality for low price! I am satisfied. Feels very nice and good in hands and fits good on phone! Back of the case are very nice and sandy under the hand so it doesnot slip from the hands!
    I am sure i will buy again and recomend it to a friend. The shipping was relatively fast as well for Serbia! 15 days from day of shipment. Not working, days but 15 days overall
    At first, I didn't expect much from the cover, because of its low price. Now after i am sure that shipments deliver in Serbia i will probably order more soon, for my friends probably.
  • Great for children's room

    posted by esemann

    It's great for the children's room, to create a "nice" ambience for sleeping time. My daughter just loved!!! For the price, it's a need for every parent... You can buy a 4.5V font, and don't care about the batteries anymore.[PT-BR] É excelente para o quarto das crianças! Minha filha adorou!!! Pelo preço, é um item obrigatório para os pais... Você pode comprar uma fonte de 4,5 V, e esqueca das pilhas.
    It's great for the children that are scared from the dark!!! Even being made from cheap plastic isn't a real problem, and it being not so bright it's good to, as it doesn't bother for the sleep...
  • Fácil de usar e muito útil

    posted by AndradeCariri

    Product very simple, functional, user accessible to anyone. Sharpens knives with ease and immediate return pe. In my house wore traditional grinders that took a long time to do the job and get a good quality sharpening. With this equipment not waste more time and I do not cjateio to sharpen our knives. Simple things that result in fewer problems and more time to devote to other home activity.
    Como sugestão poderia apresentar uma forma que se adequasse mais a amolar tesouras. É verdade que é possível amolar tesouras com ele, mas não seu formato não permite o melhor resultado. E geral sugiro a compra do produto e acredito pela sua simplicidade e eficiência será do gosto de todos.
    here are other grinders in dx. In my country, Brazil, this type of product is rare to be found, as most people prefer the traditional use or do not want to pay 10 times more for the same products that are sold on TV ads.

    posted by PhealGPhone

    -This plush is a PERFECT gift for a girlfriend-It is VERY SOFT!-When you feel sad for whatever reason, just look at the plush and it's instant happiness-No defects at all
    If you want a good gift for your girlfriend that wont cost you your whole paycheck, this is the best gift (LOL)
    -I would buy a thousand of them and put them all in the same room they are so soft! Best gift to give......... or receive!
  • Cool

    posted by venrocks

    It's exactly what it says on the tin and the price is great. Highly recommended, specially it you're starting on photography or just wanna have some fun with it. Even better if you don't want to spend big on an Action Sampler just to get started.
    Nothing. The fact that it looks kinda cheap, being a little box of plastic with four lenses, may turn some people off, but it works great and it is very fun to use.
    The camera is very easy to operate and I recommend it to anyone who's interested in photography in general.

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