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black pads Customers Reviews

  • Handy in on the dashboard

    posted by noodlesguy

    - Good size (can accommodate a 10 inch tablet) - it held on even in the tightest corners, despite my dusty dashboard - no holes or defects - came with hard paper preventing it from folding while shipping.
    Very useful item to have in your car, i use it to seat my cellphone on the dash, can be used for many applications. i will recommend it to my friends
    buy it.
  • Works okay with the Nexus 4

    posted by rhcijunk

    Has blue light to indicate when charging is happening. Seems to be about as fast as charging though USB. Once you learn where the sweet spot is on the charger you won't have any problems syncing between phone and charger.
    If you don't mind the fact that it won't keep the battery topped up once fully charged, then this is a pretty nice charger. Well worth the money.
    A good match for your Nexus 4.
  • Great!

    posted by cponofrei

    - feels good to everyday using- pad is soft- good mouse pad: good friction for mouse- same color as in the picture (the black is true black not a washed out color)
    helped me at work. I can feel the difference as I am a software engineer and and use it 9+ hours every work day. My wrist feels a lot more good since using this mouse pad with wrist support
    great! does it's job and has an awesome price. The wrist pad is soft and made out of cotton, the mouse pad has good friction, it is large enough and has great aesthetic feel. A want to order another one for my home office

    posted by moondoggie

    I ordered one to see how it's made and how it fits. Didn't give much hope as it's very cheap for what it should offer.I am going to order one more for my wife.it holds the hand in a nice way, and your wrist won't get tired.
    As a study or gaming add-on to your machinery this is a good thing. I often saw my cat on it, and that's around 3kg and no bending, twisting or breaking...I even caught my wife elbowing on the thing, and that way you put a lot of strain and pressure on it. it just mildly moved out of perfect standing. no damage.Definitely would buy...you need to tighten it good, and it will hold very nicely.
  • Reall, really good. Well worth the money.

    posted by halsoy

    There's virtually nothing but pros for this pad. It's large, feels nice, gribs really, really well and it is made of cloth that is really nice not only to touch, but it's good for mouse tracking as well. Even the one mouse I have with a laser sensor (Logitech G500) has a near perfect tracking on it. And that's considering cloth pads have a hard time with laser mice. It's actually much nice to the touch than my SteelSeries cloth matte, and it's less friction as well, so my mouse (Logitech G700) slides better on it. To me, this gives me the perfect mix, it slides almost as easy as a plastic mouse pad, but it feels much nicer to rest your hands on. The size is pretty much perfect for me, apart from two points, which I will cover in the cons section.
    I'd say this is well worth the money. It's less than half, and some places a third or less than the price of pads from larger brands at this size, like the razr goliath (I think the name is). And, I have a hard time accepting the other, larger brands provide anything better than this. Only extended use will tell if the cloth in this wears out.
    Can recommend for anyone just wanting a larger matte they can put under the keyboard and mouse, or someone just wanting something bigger. I use mine to sit under the keyboard as well, making everything line up the way I want it, and makign sure nothing moves about, at all.

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