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  • Elegant & durable little notebook

    posted by hranperkele

    -Very stylish, elegant semi-matte finish that surprisingly does not show fingerprints as much as I'd've thought-The pen that comes with the notebook and also holds it together actually works! Also very stylish.-The paper is not too thin and is smooth-Opens with a spring - no prying open required, can be opened with one hand, to take notes when on the phone, for example-Quite a lot of pages-Sturdy metal cover, can take a beating and no scratches so far!
    -It seems like the paper pad van be switched out if a suitable size replacement pad is found and some force is used-The pad is secure and will not slip out or come off as it is clamped and held in place in the frame, not glued down-A bit on the small side, not really a problem
    Maybe a bit pricey for a simple notepad, but then again, I've had this rolling around in my overstuffed bag with various other objects for a while now and it's fared a lot better than previous notebooks I've had.I'm a little bit pleased every time I flip it out to jot down something.It's durable, it's elegant. Buy it!
  • Perfect for a formal office

    posted by CuJoMX

    It is fancy, serious for a business enviroment. Its strong to carry even two 15 in laptops but not so big to use too much space. Perfect combination. The inner pockets are quite nice and perfect to carry a 2.5 in external usb drive or passport
    The small pockets are quite useful. But I will add an extra zipper pocket inside for coins and a hook for keys
    Perfect for formal office use, its perfect size make it really handy and the price is really good. Similar backpacks cost 3 times this one
  • Good value power adapter

    posted by doradus

    Charges up my Vaio laptop just like the original power adapter. Quite cheap.
    Very good value product. A power cord that goes from the power adapter to the wall socket is not included, so remember to buy one (e.g. sku 145009) if you need it!
    Buy it if you need one, you won't regret it!
  • Very nice an strudy bag. Quality is just great

    posted by aegex

    The quality is super. Zippers are tough. Materials are great. Eveything is just as it should be. There is a nice pocket on the side. Overall the sleeve looks more like a separate laptop bag, rather than a sleeve. I also liked the color.
    It is much thicker than every other protective sleeves I had - the foam add almost 1cm on every side of notebook. It fits my backpack, but fits is adequate word.
    If you like the design - take it - but check on the width of it.
  • Completely silent 200mm BIG fan

    posted by fran82

    This cooling pad has a HUGE 200x200x20mm fan, veeeeeeery silent, almost impossible to hear. In fact I can not lisen it when it is working except if I approach my ear to about 5 cm from it.The "no obstruction" desing for the botton part means that no metal or plastic parts will obstruct the air flow to the fan, thus giving more air flow and less noise.It has 4 rubber feets, the frontal ones are less tall than the back ones, meaning that when you put your laptop on it, it will be "rised" with some "degrees" (I mean, the laptop will not get "flat"). This desing allows better typing with the laptop keyboard.It produces 72cfm at 650rpm and only produces 19db of noise drawing 1.5Watts of power.
    It draws 300mA from a USB 5v supply.It includes user manual.The big central fan desing is perfect for laptops that have the air intakes in the center area. Not very good for laptops that have the air intake/s located in the corners.My laptop is the one that has the air intake in the corners, so I have not noticed a significant drop in the temperatures. It is cooler now, but not much.The fan is 200x200x20mm.The pad size is 323x300x22mm.It produces 72cfm at 650rpm and only produces 19db of noise drawing 1.5Watts of power.It weights 500 grams.
    Insane 200mm fan that produces almost no noise at all when it is working. It will make best results on laptops that have the air intake in the middle.Recommended product


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