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black necklace Customers Reviews

  • Cheap and fashionable

    posted by Aislin

    Looks really nice and it is up to newest maxi necklaces trend. Goes with casual clothing and looks great even with a tee and jeans.
    Considering it is a fashion piece and how short those things lasts, still a good choice to look modern and not waste too much money on it. Wish they had other colours to choose from.
    Maybe too cheap as a gift but nice for everyday wear. Or maybe a cheap gift is what you are looking for, but this one is not one of those that looks more expensive, so keep that in mind.
  • Very nice!!!

    posted by martinchammah

    Very nice, well built. Sturdy, it has weight. It shows its quality is acceptable. Price quality relationship its more than excellent.Very nice to buy something for the wife, and let her discover her present arrived with the mailman.
    In ebay there are some similar with lower prices, im expecting one to arrive soon, then I will be able to compare quality.
    Cheap, fast, and easy way of pleasing the wife.
  • Great present

    posted by darkshadown

    Excelent product. It cost 10 time more here in braazil. My wife love it. It's a fantastic price. Comes with a nice box you can give as a preseter to your girlfriend ou wife. It's really authentic gems
    could be longer, When you look at it from very very close some deffects on the pearls can be noticed
  • Quality necklace

    posted by MajoliDarkoni

    The necklace is very well done. Good, even perfect quality for the ridiculously cheap price. Everything on it is perfect and it is easy to use because of the magnetic catch.
    I bought this necklace for my friend birthday gift and when she opened the box she was really positively suprised. She hugged me telling a thousand "thank you, thank you, thank you" and how its great. So I am happy for that.
    I'm wondering and imaging how it looks in all black colour with glass/silver eyes ... (hitting DX with an idea)
  • A Little Cute Big Zebra

    posted by Masters85

    It's a really cute and nice pending of Zebra style and had a good chain.The alloy material it is a good look.
    You can fix the chain really easy you just cut black chain if not like it and you can fold the chain in half.
    If you like the big pendent, this is the best for you.

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