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black mask Customers Reviews

  • amazing mask!

    posted by Mbggyf

    I get this very quickly and very satisfyed with the result! It includes 10 packs. I used one pack to times allresdy and it still enough for 3 - 4 times! You should use not very much in one time. Its better to apply it with f.eks stick ( for cleaning ears) so your hand will be clear. Its very easy to use. When it dry out in 10- 15 minutes you just peel it and you dont need to wash it out, its very comfortable!The effect is seen after the first time, your skin gets soft and more clean. I belive that pores on the nose gets smaller every time you use this mask!
    your nose doesnt get red or smth, so you can use it just before you go out or other places. Skin gets very soft.
    If you have a problems with your nose and big pores you have to try this mask! I tryed a lot of things before but this one is amazing!
  • Good quality, I recommend it

    posted by albpacecom

    Excellent for skying under a helmet. Good quality with holes to breath. Single size but extensible, can adapt to many faces. The red color is vivid and very nice. The fabric isolates very well from wind and cold air.
    None so far
    I recommended this wind protection. Although it is designed for cycling I use it for skying. It certainly can fit other sports like motor biking, running, or other outdoor activities in cold weather.
  • Face Mask for cold weather

    posted by Kokopure

    Really keeps the heat in. Doesn't get "soggy" like some other face masks. Ear flaps keep your ears safe from the wind. Velcro on the back is good quality, doesn't get stuck in my hair!
    If you live in a cold climate, this can be a godsend. Wrap yourself up in this, and you'll be the envy of your friends.
    Inexpensive and not just useful, but a darn near necessity depending on your climate. Plus, it's really fun to say "Your punishment must be more severe!" like in Batman.
  • Good quality for a good price!

    posted by Marcusre

    This "cap" is extremely versatile and portable, can be used as a scarf, cap, balaclava ninja. has a good construction material, the seams are reinforced, the mesh tissue is comfortable and windproof, dries quickly when washing.
    I use for cycling and protection in paintball and works perfectly for this purpose, does not disturb the use of glasses and headphones
    I recommend this product!
  • Good winter mask

    posted by larsman1

    Good mask, good quality, looks cool. It fits well on me and my eight year old brother. He REALLY likes the look and the warmth level in -10 degrees Celsius. The breathing holes work great, doesn't sweat/get moist around the mouth area.
    Good product at a great price. Warms well.
    Good product at a great price. Warms well. Hmm not enough characters again so here is some smileys =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) Thanx to DX for all the great products you have. The prices is "give away" compared to here in Norway. Great and REALLY fast service when something has been wrong.

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