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  • Serves the purpose

    posted by johnbm

    built-in suction caps a positive for non-porous (glass/tile) mounting. this helps when you need to mount on vertical applications. integrated vials provide additional accuracy when attempting to achieve level surfaces.
    this might not be exactly top-of-the-line, but very very close to being one, considering the number of times you will use it.if you do not use one on a daily basis, then this will definitely suit your need.
    becomes more cost-effective the more and often you use it!
  • sharp display

    posted by Esequeva

    Nice and sharp display. Works flawlessly. Backlight is good and contrast is pretty good too. It is 100% compatible with Arduino boards.
    Package could be a bit more "protective", but, all in all, it arrived ok and works pretty well. No complaints. It may looks not as "cool" as those blue modern ones, but it's very clean and functional.
    Standard LCD display. Clear view. Could be cheaper but it looks and operates very well though.
  • Converter for use to make a "line-out" output when there's only s

    posted by idosensei

    Very easy to use. Very useful.Used when you want to connect an amplifier to a radio that has no output. You connect this gadget to the wires going out to the speakers, and you get a plug (RCA) that's just like any other "line out" -- good to go for using to connect an amplifier.
    Easy to install. Strip wires going to speakers, connect wires coming from gadget - one to each speaker wire, re-insulate, and you're good to go!Installing this unit does require some knowledge of electronics.
    Good price.Useful for connecting amplifier to existing sound system that has no "line out".Installation requires some knowledge.
  • Just what I need it

    posted by galvaoo

    - Organize my stuff - The bands are tight and strong - In the middle of the band there are rubber strings, so your stuff don't worry about anything slipping off - It's about the size of a normal sheet of paper (A4), maybe a little bit bigger - the behind pocket is a nice touch as well
    Great product. Fit all my stuff and let the organized and easy to change if I have to use another bag, for example. It keeps all the thing strong in place. Every tech/geek/human should own one of these!Thx again DX!
  • handy voltage indicator

    posted by gpavel29

    is a handy AC voltmeter, just connect the 2 wires to mains. It is really accurate, though can be adjusted if needed.
    the blue LED display could look better with a blue filter. The unlit digits are visible in normal light.
    Is doing the job and the price is right. I plan to install it on my RV to monitor voltage when connected to power.

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