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black light lamp Customers Reviews

  • Great brightness, but not very well designed.

    posted by avianarios

    It has a really great brightness and lots of modes. Besides, the use of laser increase the security at night as it makes cars to pass you further.
    There should be an easy way to change the batteries, more than putting away four screws.
    I really like it, but I'm really frustrated because of the gone LED
  • Turns night into day, making camping and fishing a breeze

    posted by FatRatDan

    Easy to install & modify its potential uses. I have attached the light to a waterproof switch, and then attached an RCA adaptor, with intention of making the light portable, with the ability of having different power supplies. I have made a detachable mount on the back of my 4wd (which has the power source hard-wired into the car via a 2nd internal switch. I have made other power leads to attach to the RCA adaptor for various 12v power sources (cigarette adaptor, alligator clips & an input for a 12v transformer). The light detaches from my car and can be taking on the boat, or attached the a stand at the camp site and plugged into a power source. Great value, total outlay approx US$50.00 (for light, cables, switches & plugs).
    Thought I'd buy one of the cheaper work lights to try before forking out the big money on the bigger & brighter lights. This US$38.00, 660lm light passes with flying colours, I will be buying a bigger & brighter light soon.
    Likes exactly like the ones I see in retail shops, but literally half the price.
  • Tiny but powerfull

    posted by gabychan

    Is a tiny light but it fits perfectly in the bicycle.It can really iluminate (have a bigger one that uses 2 batteries and this one can light further and with more intensity)the plastic cover is like rubber which makes it resistent to falls and easy to mount on the bicycle
    the 3 modes work preatty good although I would recomend to let it constant if you wish to use it as a lamp to see where you are going
    came in the same little plastic box shown in the picture
  • perfect

    posted by nanozero87

    good use, perfect E27 fit for the bulb, the materials looks good, nothing more to say about it
    i dont know why but i received the american electrical connection, not the euro as the photo. better buy a god cold /while light lamp, i bought one for 8.90euro and fits perfectly what i need
    just buy it, it's ok for a start on photography
  • Addictive light array

    posted by wes2914

    Its bright and has 3 different functions it is overall a nice array of lights. once i turned it on i got hypnotized by the flashing lights that chased each other up and down the strip hence the chase function.
    nice light array has sticky backing for easy attachment
    I would recommend if you want to be illuminated and it it is good for bike trailers at night.

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