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Finding your favorite black light keychain is easy in our product catagories. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. We recommend black spot light, 12v black light as hot products. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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black light keychain Customers Reviews

  • Cutest little light

    posted by gasbag11

    If you want a cute, little, light,this is it. And it's actually useful as a flashlight. Maybe about 10 lumens which is plenty for finding a keyhole in the dark, or something dropped under a car seat. It looks reasonably sturdy and the finish is nice.It's also small enough for a keychain. Both the light and the laser work well.
    It's much smaller than I imagined. The overview says 3.15 in. but mine is only 2.25 in. I was a little worried about it going through customs, but it's so small it would never be mistaken as a real gun.It has a real laser, so it's definitely not for little kids.
    I probably own around 80 flashlights, but this is now one of my most favorite. If ever breaks or gets lost, I will immediately order another one. I may order another one just for a spare. it's that cute.Highly recommended.
  • Funny gift

    posted by gabizago2

    It makes a funny and loud noiseIt's cuteIt's soft to the touch
    It is ok as a gift for a kid, maybe, but not to use as your regular keychain - as I original thought about doing. Imagine if you put it inside your purse, and then things move and you accidentally press the button during an important meeting - a loud giraffe noise will be fill the environment.
    It's cute, but it will be kept home.
  • I like

    posted by gtr2501

    The strength of LED lighting is very good and is great for its size and is very useful solar energy is something that should be encouraged, the LED does not spend much energy is economic not score then you need to leave in preucupar loading.
    Amount paid by the utility of the product and it's worth I do not regret feather that breaks easily and I already broke.I bought 10 keychains with led solar liked very much being weak. The solar panel then it is good with a little creativity can still be usable.
    nothing else
  • A very nice souvenir

    posted by laobc

    It's a great souvenir for anyone who loves TV.It is very simple yet interesting. The TV static noise is very realistically. I really enjoyed. I bought it for the way it looked, but the effects are nice and make it even more appealing. Long-lasting battery. Great for kids.
    Great for TV fans, keychain collectors and cell phone strap collectors. I know some, guess I will have to buy more of this item.
    Perfect as a little gift for friends and yourself.
  • useful after sunset

    posted by colonization

    good light small and cheap but efficient, light is brilliat white and powerful and last longMaterial is strong enaugh for border and downthaun use
    store in the same keycian the car key and olso the house key, at night will be helpfull , you always will be able to open door in the dark but be careful yu could lose keychain and olso keys
    poket money great satisfaction and now you will see the hole clearly in the huge blaclk of the darkest forest


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