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The perfect black light blue here to meet all your needs. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. Customers can also browse black fog lights or black head lights to find their desired products. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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black light blue Customers Reviews

  • light blue rocks!

    posted by Florinica

    It's a great watch! i'm glad that i havce this one in my collection. Is very functional and helpful. I have purchased 2 (the other one is military color). Great to have it this summer on my hand. Like a bonus come with another battery! Sow i think it's a must buy! It's very solid. My friends says that it's a great watch. I'm proud of it! Thank you also dx.com.
    Buy It. Very nice, very. Extremely easy to setup and use.
    Must have!
  • Cheap bomb-proof

    posted by timtak

    Fine at this price. The phone itself is very robust.
    Work fine and even the battery life is long. I found it difficult to turn the phone on. The on off button is on the side of the phone (at the top I think) rather than the usual power button somewhere near top right on the front of the phone.
    Buy one if you want a dirt cheap phone but since second hand bear in mind there may be a shorter product life.
  • This one was a excellent acquisition

    posted by hlcastro

    Improve your safety while riding at night, showing the others a safe distance to keep from the bike.There are different modes for the led lights and the laser, giving you options for your preference on what you think is better for each situation.
    I strongly recommend this product. I told my friend about it and he bought 2 for him.
    High quality and very useful equipment. Very important for night riding.
  • Great 3 Mode 2 LED Blue Light

    posted by gosun

    I reviewed several different sets of lights before deciding on those and how glad I am that these are the ones I chose. The main light works great and really lights up the area in front of you while you are riding. The strobe effect on the front and back lights is awesome for when there is a little bit of daylight. They don't blink at the same intervals, but rather more of an alternating effect which makes a huge difference for cars to see you. While riding in the morning I always pass several bikes with different kinds of lights and I haven't seen one yet that is anywhere as good as the one I'm using. Get 'em, you won't regret it!
    It's a great buy.
    I commute to work and this product does great. The tail light is blinding and the headlight gives about the same illumination as a small led maglite.
  • a very light up attachment that can be used to light up your bait.

    posted by Applexcandy

    -good packaging as always-lights up very well-very light translucent material, can work as a floater if you only attach bait to it. but it also sinks easy when you have a #1 on your line as well.-can be used for fresh and salt water fishing purposes.-easy storage-no water leakage thanks to the O-rings and a tight screw head at the top-has a nub at the top to attach to the fishing line-the unit will take a fall but it wont survive if someone steps on it so do be careful.
    received the package and thought all my units where dead... no one told me i should reverse the batteries... ended up purchasing new ones to test out why it didn't work..
    a very good purchase for its price, when all of my fishing bait floaters break, i may purchase more.

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