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  • Best watch what you can get with money

    posted by PlutonFI

    When i unboxed this product, I was surprized. Led lights are great and the color of this watch is amazing. It is cheap too.
    I'm still learning to use this watch.
    I'm happy with this. I'll recommend this for everyone, if you wanna check the time in another way
  • BRIGHTEST 1x 18650 as of 9/29/2011

    posted by bullzeye

    Very bright, both total output & hotspot. Tight well defined hotspot 11" inches @ 13" feet distance. Runtime is about 50 min of full brightness then it starts to drop down pretty quick. You look like like a car with H.I.D. head lights when used as a bike light.(hotspot is brighter than a cars H.I.D. head light) It's well made & fits in your pocket Nice color beam. slightly cool but not blue about 5800K same color as sku 33615.
    I did not buy the two mode because it uses a resistor & people said it's low mode is too close to high mode, I thought this three mode would have been like another five mode light I have sku 33615 with well spaced high medium & low, if I knew this light did not I would have bought the five mode, maby this light in five mode does have good spacing. It's reflector looks exactly like sku 33615's but the xm-l is about 2x smaller so it's hotspot is smaller & throws farther. It's total output does look brighter than sku 33615 & it's hotspot is alot brighter.
    About half the price as sku 33615 with higher output this is now my new favorite light. 150 yards of bright light in your pocket. would have been 5 of 5 if low was low not medium.
  • a cool cute lighter

    posted by 08srtblaclout

    it is a great lighter by itself but when you click it it flashes and lights up which is cool. i bought it for a friend who loves penguins and she loves it. it is nice and thick and has some weight to it so you know its a good product and not cheaply made. she loves the look of it she loves the little bow tie. you can tell they took time to put little things to make it a cool little lighter and not just boring. you pop its head over and light and it flashes like its having a techno party in its belly.
    its a great gift its very cute for a lighter.
    i would of bought it even if it wasn't a lighter it was a great gift.
  • Nice bright shine

    posted by MrHim

    Compared to most other flashlights it is:1. really bright2. has a nice flood.3. because of it´s total light output, it still shines a good amount far (120-150m with ease).4. get´s warm, not hot when in normal use(0.5h tested)5. modes 1...3 have a well spaced output.
    Should be possible to get rid of the disco-modes, runtime in look to the output is ok. The "hard mounted" led pcb seem to do the cooling well. So have a brief look inside prior to fire this up the first time.
    I would buy it again, use some definitive 18650s and you´ll be happy. Take this one, not the drop-in versions around.Do not look inside the beam, and please don´t shine on other people and/or animals.:-)
  • Pretty Nice Setup

    posted by teetom

    Cheap Cost Excellent FunctionalityComes with most everything needed to MountNice crisp video monitor to be 7inches.Works nice in the darkI would compare to some of the more expensive setups sold in the US.
    I would buy another one if I needed it. I put this one on a 30 foot Motorhome as a backup monitor. If it quits on me later I'll come back and post another review or edit this one. So far I like it.
    For the price you can't beat it. You can buy three of these and be just as satisfied as buying one for the expensive ones here in the US.

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