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  • perfect for camping

    posted by bear123

    - under rated at 115lm. Its only 10% less bright than my Nebo redline which is 200lm- cheap - quality build and threads are good- upper threads on the head are anodized
    I'll be getting another! maybe in silver!
    This is a very well thought out camping light. the design works well and the modes are simple and effective for different camping uses. The flood to focus works very well. The flood is very smooth with no rings of light and wide for a small light. As you unscrew the head this light will focus tight enough to see the square shape of the emitter even a 100 feet away. As you continue to unscrew the head it will let go and you can pull the whole head up to reveal the lantern portion of the light. Very smart and different design! The high mode is bright enough to see a far and the low mode is low enough to read maps and paper work in the dark. SOS mode for emergencies also. Top it off with a clip to hang in my tent and this flashlight is a winner and small enough to not notice it in my luggage!
  • Very Nice little fan/light

    posted by desertdawg57

    This a replacement for an earlier ordered fan that was completely destroyed in transit. The seller immediately replaced it, no-questions-asked! Very impressive! The fan will perform flawlessly, I'm sure, since the seller has full confidence in his product to instantly replece it free of charge. Will update this review again after two weeks, when I return from a camping trip.
    For me? A must-have!
    Buy it.
  • smallest oil lantern you will find

    posted by populuxe

    Small. Fairly decent quality. includes small funnel and extra wick. Don't have to worry about batteries. Very charming yellowish glow from lamp. Plenty of light to see cards in a card game providing it's on your side of the table. The only thing that would be better is to have more of them. Also gives off heat. Not sure what the run time is on a fill up, but at a normal brightness level I'd expect 6 or more hours.
    I was about to hang the lantern outside as an ornament because I couldn't keep the flame uniform. I read about trimming wicks so I finally tried that. The wick should be neatly cut in the shape of your finger tip---curved. Once it did that the flame was perfect. I use only lamp oil or tiki-torch fuel. NO LIQUID paraffin. I had to disassemble the lamp after I lost a wick on the inside of the tank. I studied how it was put together before disassembly and it was not difficult to get back together. I would like to compare this to my candle lantern, but I lost the spring for that and it doesn't work like it should anymore with a jerry rigged spring. You can not turn a candle lantern up or down in intensity. It would be advisable to bring some extra lamp oil if you are going on a trip. The oil is also useful in lighting fires.
    Nice utilitarian piece of equipment. I am able to set the flame very low just to be able to see it and also turn it up to a reasonable light level. Very low tech but effective lamp. It also give off a fair amount of heat. You can still get Dietz lamps like this. I don't have one. They are about the same price but with shipping added you have to add $7 dollars. This is $10 shipped.
  • Super cute and useful lantern

    posted by mysmarthome

    Very nice looking and useful lantern. The lantern light pattern is soft and even. Perfect for 2 person tent at low setting. This will be my permanent camping item. Rubber button is good quality. Has slight rubber texture feel.
    Will use this for emergency power outage. Works great in the bathroom when hung high above the head. The frosted plastic is protected from scratches when retracted. Better than the UCO Clarus 150 Lumen lantern because it is lighter and battery lasts longer on low setting.
    May buy more for my cars and use in emergency. Perfect lantern with no harsh bulb to see even when sitting on my desk. Love it.


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