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  • Push Button Power Switches - Red + Black (10 PCS)

    posted by Peter161257

    Very well made contact (push-button) is stable and easy to solder.Work without interference and are not too big for medium and large projects.Unbeatable price terms, I would buy again, total buy recommendation.Disadvantage if at all, only in 2 colors available, I am very happy with the product.
    Disadvantage if at all, only colors in Figure 2.
    Strong buy recommendation, good product
  • GREAT !

    posted by seoanekari

    Good quality Cheap Eassy to use itIt works fine. Comparing my vocal recordings before and after, you can tell the difference with the absence of those annoying vocal pops. It clamps onto any mic stand and you can contort it the way you want.Cons:Price can be misleading to think quality is not exellent as it is.
    .A bit worried at first because of the low price point. However, was pleasantly surprized when the package arrived. This is a great investment to keep mouth moisture off of the mic and also prevent "p" pops. At $13.80, you can't go wrong with this purchase.
    First of all, what it is, is a professional-quality pop filter for use with professional-quality microphones and professional-quality microphone stands. It works well with either a vertical stand or a boom stand (with the caveat that if you attach it to a boom stand, you can't retract the boom all the way because it's attached to the boom, and it's sort of heavy so you need to crank the boom tightness lever tighter than you normally would). If you have some non-professional microphone or non-professional microphone stand, do *not* expect it to work for you, because that's not what it is. It might work in that case, but no guarantees. As for how well it works: Pretty much as well as it could. It has two layers of material with a space between them so you have to be breathing like Darth Vader to get any kind of puff past it. The stalk has plenty of ability to be twisted to where you need it, and is stiff enough to not flop around. One aspect of this thing is its size -- it's big
  • Good Lock Nut

    posted by litrowtf

    Is a product of good quality and has a great finish. It fit perfectly on my guitar (Tagima model T0). é um produto de boa qualidade e possui um ótimo acabamento. Coube perfeitamente na minha guitarra (Tagima modelo T0).
    Perfect! I don't have any problems with this lock nut. It works perfetly
    I recommend to all the musicians guitarist :)
  • Overheat

    posted by Tikkipukki

    The "classic" design. Quick replacement of the sting. Rapid heating. Comfortable in the hand, light weight.
    390 ohm resistance heater may overheat so when powered by 220 volts. I think that the soldering iron is made for 110 volts.
    This is my frustration. Soldering iron handy, but much too hot. Perhaps soldering iron is designed for 110 volts.
  • Nice gift.

    posted by idosensei

    Good looking dart.Fly nice and straight.Heavy metal, will stick well in paper or cardboard or wooden targets.Nice design.
    The metal is relatively very heavy. Which means that the dart will stick deeper, but it might also require some getting used to while throwing.
    Nice gift. Works good. Plastic is not good quality. Which is too bad, because this is a nice product.

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