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black heat shrink tubing

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black heat shrink tubing Customers Reviews

  • It's good

    posted by npelov

    It's good.
    It does the job.
    It came in nice package - not folded like the 5 sizes pack.
    It's not sticked with scotch like the 5 sizes pack
    Still, it's nice quality.
    I have this for one day, but I had 5 sizes pack that contains this one and I used it for a while. It looks better than the one in 5 sizes pack.
    buy it. this is the most used size - for thin wires and electronic component leads.
  • Does its job.

    posted by dfz138

    cheap cheap cheap cheap and cheap. Does it job well. get a hair dryer or hot gun, blow it and it shrinks over your pipes, cables and wires. Anywhere you want it to. You could even share it with a friend, since its so long, maybe 1m each among 3 friends just cut it away, blow it and viola!
    For a moment I thought the diameter was 3m long. LOL
    Cheap stuff for diy purposes. If you can wait for a month buy it from DX, local stores are simply getting expensive. They're losing business from DX thanks to globalization. Globalization benefits consumers like us.
  • Just like commercial ones

    posted by kazenokage

    Cheaper than in any local shop hereHard to find in my local shops in particular so longIt's 1 meter long, this is a pros!Really useful when you're rewiring a motorbike electrical system.
    I've used this to seal the electrical wiring of a motorbike it's perfect.
    I hope to soon find the same kind of measures and tubes with different colours (red as first) due incredibly useful for electric cable restoring.
  • Great value

    posted by ChucklesExtreme

    It's hard to beat this deal. You get a meter each of 5 different sizes of tubing, all for less than the cost of a few tiny pieces would cost if purchased locally.
    I like having a variety of sizes means so I'm prepared for whatever my project needs
    This pack has larger sizes than the other, and so far I find myself using this one more. It would depend very much on what types of projects you worked with most frequently. Since you get a meter of each, there's always plenty on hand.
    This is the kind of deal that keeps me coming back to DX!
  • Performs great, though it does shrink 2.5-3mm vs 3.5mm

    posted by Bonejj

    Works like it should, shrinks well and does not melt like other cheaper forms found on other sites. Also no tearing issues as it shrinks.
    I like it, thought don't mistake the 5M for 5m, 5M seems to be the "brand", not the length. It's more like 9 feet, give or take a little. as Mentioned above I would like it to come on some kind of spool but I know I'm asking too much there.
    Overall, works great and I find it fits my needs well. Could be a little cheaper though.

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