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  • Cheap but decent quality.Does what it says

    posted by sigee

    Its a very tight fit on the rail so no chance of it moving by itself.It looks the part,very "tactical".The five positions settings are very positive.Its quick release (although not very quick due to the tight fit)Fits my Nitcore torches perfectly
    Im useing it for airsoft and its perfect for that.Very cheap and dx as usual delivered in good time.
    Looks good,does the job and dirt cheap
  • Works great

    posted by mickael18

    Does what it says it does. Great build quality. Sometimes the cheaper rail products will require some tweaking to fit. This thing went straight on the rail without any tweaking. MUCH cheaper than buying it in store
    You get two for that price, it's hard to beat (and my local paintball store charge 15$ PER piece !
    Don't hesitate to buy if you need to mount a flashlight/laser on a gun's rail !
  • Does the job

    posted by CnopsJ

    + Nice price. Some products with the same usage are way more expensive.+ Does the job. You might need some practice
    No guidebook, but the internet (youtube) is filled with nice 'how to' video's. After a while you know how to use the product.
    the price matches the quality. Good for beginners. It does the job. After a while you will know how to use it.
  • Odd mount, but bright!

    posted by dbdimma

    Laser is well built with good adjustment. Bright enough too!Good size for a pistol with rail.
    If you don't mind playing a little with the mount then this is an awesome little laser. Could do with a remotely mounted switch, but you can't have everything at this price.
    Knowing what I know now, I'd still buy it again.It's not too heavy for pistols and is equally as bright as the expensive one I bought my brother for Christmas.
  • Great little low profile laser

    posted by EL34xxx

    Very low profile. Looks way nicer on my Glock 17 than a round tube shaped laser. Uses LR44 batteries which is nice because I use the same batteries in several other devices. I bought a couple cards of 10 LR44 batteries (sku 3032) to have on hand. Attaches very firmly to the Glock rail. The finger switch to turn it on is easy to reach and stays out of the way. Has two tiny allen wrench adjustment set screws so you can adjust the laser up-down-left-right.
    I modded the laser so that it was rock solid, but it took some serious fabrication skills. The problem is that as you adjust the set screws, the whole laser body wants to move up-down-left-right. A better system would be to have the front of the laser tube fixed to the housing and then the set screws can only move the rear around while the front stays in a fixed position. You can slide the top plate off towards the front of the laser and look inside. Be carefull because there is a spring loaded plastic device that holds down one side of the laser. The laser tube itself has 3 surfaces. The two set screws touch 2 of those surfaces and the spring loaded device holds down the 3rd surface. The laser sits in a rubber mount at the front. I won't go into my fabrication mod here because it entails taking all the parts out of the laser body, then drilling a recessed hole on the inside of the housing, the same diameter as the front of the laser tube. Now the front of my laser tube sits in a slight recess and the rear can now be adjusted properly.
    It's a cool laser and a great addition to my Glock 17. Note that I saw a couple others that look just like this one on thenDX site, but this one uses the LR44 batteries which is what I like to use.

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