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You will be surprised our best black fountain pen with an artful design and an amazing price. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.

black fountain pen Customers Reviews

  • This is a beautiful fountain pen, Love it

    posted by langong

    This is a beautiful fountain pen, Love itUse correct type of ink then it flows flawlessly I use Parker Ink , better buy local since DX do not sell fountain pen ink. It's odd right?
    nice design, good heavy feeling when writingFor veteran fountain pen users you can do the flip the cap with finger and palm(you know what I mean, right? :) )
    good pen will buy more
  • Excellent order

    posted by DieMedium

    Nearly everything about this stuff.Ink feed is strong enough even for thick substances.The pen is rather sturdy and durable, which will make it last and function quite long.The design is quite pretty. Moreover, there is only a small logo of the manufacturer, which does not make it look as a Chinese counterfeit.It comes with a solid case which could be a nice present if only....
    No other thoughts.
    If you like fountain pens - buy it.If you are obsessed with them, as I am - order it as soon as possible.If you want to give it as a present.... Well, it might be not that excellent idea due to reasons discussed above.
  • Great pen!!

    posted by oliveirag

    - Very cheap for a fountain pen- Excellent build quality- Not light, not heavy, just the perfect weight. You can write for hours- Beautiful design (name, model and things in japanese or chinese that I can't read write in the cap, but the pen is clean and have a beautiful design)
    At the first time I used the pen it wasn't a soft touch, the pen was scratching the paper. Then I just refill the ink and the pen started to write perfectly. Will buy another for gifts.
    Will buy another for gifts.
  • http://www.dx.com/p/hero-exquisite-stainless-steel-fountain-pen-black-143848

    posted by hirou

    Very nice fit and finish and the pen writes well. The nib is very fine and a shield covers most of the pen's quill area so you do not get ink on your fingers. There is a supplied refillable reservoir that can be exchanged with a disposable if you want. There's a crystal stone at the top of the pen cap that shows when it sits in your shirt and HERO is shown longways on the clip. The tip is very small so it does not require lots of ink. Once properly broken in it writes well and is not scratchy and the fluid flows nicely.
    If you carry it, do treat it like a nice pen and do not carry it with your keys in your front pocket as the black paint will wear off. This will happen with the best pens as they are not cheap injected plastic things but machined brass that is then painted. Carry it in your purse or in your top shirt pocket.
    I only got it because it has a variation of my name on it. The pen is nice but there are better ones and cheaper ones on the DX site. You can't go wrong.
  • elegant, beautiful and at a great price

    posted by demonmyd

    is a very beautiful penthe colors are very regularthe design is just perfect, tones meld seamlesslyis very comfortable to usethe ink tank is refillable
    I ordered one of these and other SKU, and the other is very stylish, but this is unique, the design is really very beautiful and it seems that the materials are of poor quality or low. undoubtedly a good investment
    It took almost three months to get this product, but the truth without spending the price in shipping has been waiting quite acceptable (despite my impatience) and the product meets and exceeds the expectations undoubtedly had him.


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