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  • Great remote/keyboard

    posted by marczinger

    The aero-mouse works great, like a magic wand on the HTPC screen. The buttons on the remote are well placed and work great. When turning th remote to use the keyboard the mouse stops automatically, that's great for me. The up and down buttons scroll the browser page, what is nice to surf the web.
    I will use it with my RaspberryPi running XBMC!
    What i was searching for.
  • Great little quad copter, Loads of fun!!

    posted by Megaw767

    - Great build quality- Strong design - Extra support around the motors is key feature on this copter vs other copters. I bought another one of these without the support all around the motors and let me just say it didnt last very long.- Great instructions included- Simple and easy remote
    - Fantastic toy for anyone!! no matter what your age- When you first take it out of the box be real careful when learning to fly it. Tune it properly with the instructions and take it slow. Use over carpet for a long time before getting to confident. - Remote control is excellent, has 3 speed controls and all the necessary tuning to steady the copter in the air for hovering
    Great Toy and a must have, very entertaining.
  • Best choice for home theater

    posted by neonquai

    Good and useful for home theater and multimedia. easy to use, soft buttons qwerty keyboard and small size give more freedom for manipulate my media centr. work on wide distantion. Small weight useful to play in games use like game controller.
    It will be match useful if have wireless charger for this wireless controller.
    Good to use with Mini X TVbox.
  • Great little quad for the price

    posted by rcdaddy

    quite easy to learn how to fly it. very stabile when trimmed. plenty of power! it doesn´t break so easy, if your not flying full speed in to the wall. :) its nice build quality! and the transmitter feels very good.
    great little quad for the prize! its fun if your a advansed pilot and its great for beginners too! i just love the thing! it is so much fun to try to fly in tight places and land on a small surface.
  • The best controler for a HTPC!

    posted by rorabr

    This is an amazing small, light and versatile controler! The airmouse is precise and easy to use. There is a mode where the pointer wont follow the controler so that you can click without moving the pointer (very usefull if your not skilfull yet).
    The number of buttons on the remote controler are not enough to program all the functions a normal remote control has today. You can program eight functions for 2 controls (selected by TV and AV keys). But you will be able to program the most used keys for every day use.
    If you have a HTPC or media center, this keyboard is awesome! You can replace two other remote controls and a keyboard with it. It's very small and light and uses rechargeable cellphone battery.


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