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black fleece Customers Reviews

  • Warm and snug

    posted by BobEast

    It's really warm, and thick. When wearing it in blowing snow conditions, it's really warm. The holes line up nicely with your mouth so you can breath through them without your warm air steaming up your goggles or glasses. It also covers the bottom of the ears.
    Also, I found the holes had some burnt material in them that was rather sharp. I used some tweezers to pull them out, and it was fine.
    I have seen these advertised else where as motorbike masks. I really like this as a urban winter survival mask. The quick release of the velcro allows easy removal before going in to stores. All in all a great buy.
  • Warm, very nice to the touch but not as clinging as expected

    posted by subcom

    Thick fleece, very warm - to warm to use when driving a car; soft to the touch, enough long to protect the neck when lower part under colar of jacket
    I am thinking about replacing the rubber regulatory for stronger/thicker ones and use additional band to seal the hood
    For this price I fully recomend the item
  • Useful

    posted by lillnoesse

    *Warm.*Good look.*Can be worn as a face mask, hat and scarf.*Good price
    It's really warm and nice at least down to -10 degrees C. After that I would recommend wool, not fleece. Maybe it's just me who can't handle it properly, but somehow I can't make it a proper cap (without covering the face) because the top of it is open, leaving the top of my head bare to the cold.
    It's really good for protecting your face against the cold, and for using as a scarf. If the weather is really cold, I would suggest that you're using a proper scarf and a real hat/cap as well, but this is a good buy for the money.
  • Avoid if cycling fan

    posted by ovitters

    - you do not look like a criminal- can easily use as a scarf- also easy to change it into a scarf when entering a store or a building (to avoid looking a robber entered the store/building)- very warm when used as a scarf- material feels nice, is soft and warm
    I almost always cycle, so this item is not useful for me. I still very much like it.
    - should've figured out beforehand that for cycling the wind would get between the material- if you use this for walking, recommend it- for cycling or anything similar, don't buy
  • Comfy cool-weather hat

    posted by mhiron

    A simple pull-on beanie/hat for cool weather, with sides that dip down far enough to cover your ears.
    None. Its a hat. Wear more hats.It's not exactly a tight fit over your head, the top section is a bit loose, but I think its to allow room for your hair in various styles (but not enough to avoid hat-hair lol.) My hair is clipped short, so its a bit roomy up there.
    Functional and not expensive, this warm hat is almost perfect for cool weather, being slightly between a beanie and a hat.

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