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black flame lighter

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black flame lighter Customers Reviews

  • perfect

    posted by micromacro92

    very light but yet powerful butane torch. comes with flame cap, two safe locks and a rubber base to keep the lighter steady. small gas consumption, lasts for months if lighted two times every day. perfect to start a stove.
    flame is very easy to adjust, just turn under the gas magazine.
    really good product, good value for price. absolutely recommended. burning flame makes also a cool sound!
  • Love it, one of my favorite lighters

    posted by gostskull

    tje cost is amazing for a 2 stlyle ligher rarly costs under 5$so its dual high degree flame. can be a pro and a con. the adhuster is big, and very easy to adjust anytime. its got 2 slides on it, one to turn it into a natural flame and the other to keep it high degree flame,the other slide is an on and off
    still love it. its so cheap too so get it
  • Good

    posted by lukas96

    The lighter is very neat, with a straight consistent flame and the lock mode witch is a nice feature, also there’s a nice little lid to but on the lighter when it's hot so you won't get burn marks in your pocket or bag because the nozzle can get quit hot.
    Overall the lighter works quit well considering the price, even though I wouldn’t call it a wind-proof lighter since the flame is pretty easy to just blow out.
    Considering one of my lighters almost exploded in my hand and burned down my house, I still like this lighter it's really neat one and it gets the job done!
  • Great product

    posted by chapelhill8

    lightweight, cheap, small, durable, easy to use
    my only thought is what a great product at even a greater price
    i am very impressed with this lighter as it does what is needed and more. very nice pinpoint flame that is easily adjusted by button on the side. comes with a stand that has proven to be helpful on a number of occasions and i have only had it now for about a week. has a a locking feature that allows you to keep flame going without having to hold down the ignition button, which is really convenient.
  • Docela dobre

    posted by ladacoufal

    Tento zapalovac jsem kupoval jiz potreti, protoze predchozi se mi nekam rozkutalely. Tu mi nekdo zapomnel vratit, pak ho zase potrebovali nutne kamaradi a nezbyl mi zadny. Takze do tretice vseho dobreho. Zapalovac ma docela silny plamen, da se snim v pohode pajet i rozpojovat medene trubicky k topeni. Plni se plynem zespoda, jde to dobre a vydrzi dlouho naplneny. Plyn sam od sebe neubyva a pri horeni ubyva celkem pomalu, takze plna spokojenost.
    cervena barva je fajn
    jak jsem jiz psal, je to vysoce "ztratove" zbozi a za chvili ho uz nebudete mit. Ne ze by se rozbil, ale jaksi bude vypujcen a jiz nevracen.

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