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  • Very good!

    posted by juanmaa16

    -Very nice-Style-Large-Pretty design-It is identical to the photoThis product really liked me, originally cables come with the phone are very short, this is long, I can charge the phone in my notebook
    It's a good product, too simple. I recommend, is a simple and very cute, it is identical to the photo
    Very good product! I recommend, is a simple and very cute
  • Warm and snug

    posted by BobEast

    It's really warm, and thick. When wearing it in blowing snow conditions, it's really warm. The holes line up nicely with your mouth so you can breath through them without your warm air steaming up your goggles or glasses. It also covers the bottom of the ears.
    Also, I found the holes had some burnt material in them that was rather sharp. I used some tweezers to pull them out, and it was fine.
    I have seen these advertised else where as motorbike masks. I really like this as a urban winter survival mask. The quick release of the velcro allows easy removal before going in to stores. All in all a great buy.
  • Nice toy!

    posted by atwazin

    Nice design, really soft and cool! High quality toys, for sure! They are lovely pieces of toys! I play all the time with them and it relax your body and mind. They are useful and can be used with some design objects. Everyone asks where did I bought mine and I keep saying: It was on the best ecommerce website of the internet: DX! Awesome!!!!
    They could be cheaper or bigger...
    I recommend this to everyone who wants to have another kind of products, no one has this! They are very unique, and becomes very sticky when you add water. It is strange but it's cool at the same time. I really loved them! I would like to try the white color too.
  • very good product

    posted by kircan

    This is a good mask for what it is designed. It will protect you from BB's in airsoft. The straps are well made and easy to adjust with two clips. The mask is made out of solid mixture of plastic and rubber so the mask is not too rigid and can bend around your face without pressing too much.
    I can't think of any other additions to the mask since it does the job it is made for quite well.
    I think it is a great for product for the money you pay.
  • Face Mask for bandits

    posted by Marked0ne

    Perfect for winter;Very warm;Fits almost for all size of heads;A bit expensive for this price;Very beautiful;The wool is very soft.
    You can use it in the forest mostly (except if you want to rob a bank :D).If you play airsoft or if you are a soldier, you can use it almost in every practical training. The mask provides very good camouflage.
    Still it could be a bit cheaper for this, but i like it. The mask fits only for special people :)

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