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black desk Customers Reviews

  • Well made Led

    posted by fabricioangioletti

    This is an incredible purchase!It has an excellent price with excellent components, very good cost-benefit. It's made in a very good material, very durable, and the lights are really good! It light up everything!It's very good for outdoor activities and for reading on your bed, since you don't need to be plugged in the charger all time and the duration of its battery is excellent, since you have two options of lights, half turned on or all.
    Excellent purchase, nice cost - benefit.
    Excellent purchase, nice cost - benefit.
  • This device is worth the money

    posted by Mikepmm

    The price of this device is not large, then with no doubt I bought it. First impressions - positive: Packaging - quite reliable. Build quality is quite good (the set of supply includes screws for fixing the frame of the device inside the computer case), the painting quality is also good (black with glare).The connection process has not caused any problems.It works great - it is really USB3.0. I also tried to connect USB2.0 and USB1.1 devices - the result is the same - device is really works.So I think this device is worth the money I spent.
    The color of package (red) which I purchased is differs of the official photos on DX site (blue), but it is really not a problem.
    I think I made a good purchase and this USB3.0 front panel is worth the money
  • Sturdy stand

    posted by ReneDeG

    The stand has a solid feel. Easily fits in any carry bag and therefor something you can always carry along. In use it has a stable hold en can easily withstand tapping, swipping and pinching. There is a nice high angle which is the reason to buy. And a nice low angle which is the same like smart covers, stack of books or other available raising mechanisms.
    After one day of use I am incredible satisfied, just hoping for endurance.
    Excellent choice, a product that one would find in a Apple store at 4 times the price and half the quality.
  • A beautiful clock

    posted by meskita14

    the clock is really beautiful an works perfectly.for the price i recomend you to buy it!has good quality!Its a nice desk clock.Very easy to setup, even without the manual .Have fahrenheit and celsius.Great size of the numbers in the displaynice colors, nice finishing.
    really beatifful!Looks fine in my desk!Recommend it for who that need digital watch.
    its not expensive and works well!Worth buying! Very attractive price compared to other clocks!
  • The best desklamp at a very affordable price.

    posted by rl1222

    Everything about it I like. Low power consumption, bright enough that I bought 3 of these and replace all my 3 desklamps that are 3 times the cost. Is rechargeable so it can still be used even when the power is down but not sure how long. I haven't test it yet how long will it last but it will last more than 30 mins.
    Go buy this unit. It's awesome. At $15.00 each, you can't go wrong.

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