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black cutter Customers Reviews

  • Great product! wonderful present

    posted by dimal007

    Professional Cigar cutter. I am smoking for few years and i have a very bad experience with other (expensive) cutters.it is important the cutter will have 2 knifes, exactly like this one.its a very cheap price in my opinion and it worth the item in 100%.
    Worth. Worth. Worth!Great present to the smokers.Cheap, and professional, with 2 knifes
  • Byatch cutter

    posted by llasher

    Sturdy build
    Fashionable black and yellow
    3 blades
    This is a nicely weighted box cutter, you can grip it firmly and cut shyat. I know these cheap blades only last a few cardboard cuts so give us more. I llke cutters, and these are good.
    The price isn't dirt cheap which is fair enough given the weight of this mofo, but what with the tumbling euro and all, it could be more aggressively priced. Then again, I is happy.
  • Good tool to have

    posted by Inokez

    -> The build is OK-> You can exchange the blades-> It cuts, lol-> Can cut and strip both coaxial and ethernet cables, I use it most for coaxial, for stripping ethernet I think that sku 2687 is better.-> Looks kind of bad-ass with all of this blades and everything.-> Nice tool to have with your network/wiring tools.
    -> Looks kind of bad-ass with all of this blades and everything.-> Reminds me of Batman.
    Good to have in your network/wiring toolbox.Price is not bad.
  • Very solid tool

    posted by csamg2002

    This is a very solid tool. I always bought cheap alternative products that works for a short time. I think this blade will last for years. You can put replacement blades inside the tool itself (It has a slot for that) It comes with 5 blades and you can buy more replacement blades with a low cost in DX.
    You can think the price is high for a blade, but the quality of the product makes it worthwhile.
    This is really solid, when you handle it you feel this will break never.
  • THIS IS ONE BAD MUTHTA .......( shut your mouth!).

    posted by mrninja

    -Magnesium rod is 1/2' dia, 1 7/8' length-It throws huge, fat sparks!-Storage handle, incorporates a tiny signal mirror at the pull out base. Store a Wetfire Cube/ fire starter material?
    First off, I replaced the shoestring with 550 paracord. Feels more secure, looks better too boot! Left the plastic covering the tiny signal mirror on. It will protect from scratches. Wished DX just sold the firestarter by it self? Probably save a couple of dollars! Whistles and strikers are inexpensive as is?
    This isn't a bad copy of the (cough) Strike Force (cough)! Always wanted to purchase one, but it was way too much $$$. Bought this and purchased some Wetfire cubes. This is a better deal IMO. ;P


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