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  • A musthave appliance for your desktop

    posted by AlphaOmega2k

    An excellent solution for the cables that are "living" at your desktop table. With this appliance you will no longer have mess of the wires and they will not take a space at your table - now they are all hanging on this item and ready to use. A real life-hack appliance.
    Don't forget to clean and dry the surface before applying. Apply in warm environment hotter than 18-20 celsius.
    A great lifehack appliance that every desktop user should have.
  • Exactly what it should be

    posted by aurbano

    Nice cable, one of the ends is at an angle which is nice for the amp.The cables work fine, I use them at home and they don't introduce too much noise.Obviously not suitable for a professional use, but they work just fine for practicing.
    I was always in need of cables when the one I had stopped working fine, so now I bought several of these.
    A nice cable, I bought 3 saving some extra cash and now I will have cables for some time.
  • Good Price Not best Quality

    posted by sarisaadi

    -rope is always useful-comes with tied circular ends-carry case is good-black color is nice and the casing along with the rope is matching
    Its worth the buy, especially if you are not using the rope for life dependant mattersif you want to climb make sure there is some sort of certification on the rope before you trust your life with it.
    Buy it if you are an amateur. you would not be a pro if you were buying cheap rope anyways hehe..
  • Really useful

    posted by destegabry

    - good way to quick organize cables under your desk
    - clamps come in different sizes (1 pair small, medium and large)
    - large ones are perfect to organize fat computer cables (like VGA or power cables)
    - easy to open but it's quite impossible that could happen accidentally
    - Could be cheaper, I have to buy 3 to get a discount but i get too lot of them!
    - it would be great to have them in different colors, or transparent plastic
    This is a DX must buy, I will suggest to all my friends
  • Value for money

    posted by izotz

    Value for money. Quite cheap for a case. The strip allows you to take the mobile out easily.
    It fits quite well for my i9250. Probably it gets a bit big in my pocket, but I prefer my device to be protected this way.
    This value for money, a cheap solution if you want to feel that your mobile is protected.

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