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  • The equivalant of the original black housing

    posted by XDr4g0nX

    -It's glossy black-All the screws that are used in the new housing are here, and they are all Philips screws so you don't have to use a Tri-wing during assemble of your Wii-The buttons even are black
    I have received the housing a few days ago and installed my Wii into it together with a red Wiigate without a manual what so ever, however i do recommend to watch a video of a Wii disassembly to know what your getting yourself into.
    I love this case and if i ever rebuild a Wii again with a different housing, the housing is going to be bought here again.
  • Great Deal

    posted by guilhermeg

    It is cheap!!! Works well. Well build. The metalic blue color is great.
    I compared with a friend's new original DS lite and I couldn't find any difference. The buttons and screen are the same. Sound too. The only functional difference is the battery, but not that much because original battery doesn't stand much too.
    I'm very happy with the DS. Great buy. I'm thinking to order another one for my girlfriend.
  • Very nice option for PS3 owners

    posted by Nosferatu13fd

    Great price!Great quality!Fast delivery!
    It is great opportunity for the PS3 users who searches the new housing for their PS3 systems. So I think it is a great way to change old broken shell for new one. I searches over all INTERNET where could possible to get the new shells but only at this site I could find what I wanted to buy with very good quality for the best price. If you want to get new shell in full set you can buy it at this site and be sure you will get new item in full set.
    Nice shell for the great price!
  • Perfect, in price and quality

    posted by kiyoshi1

    In Brazil a DS can cost USD 250,00, so, this Refurbished DS Lite is a great deal. I really expect others DS's have a good quality, because i will buy another. - There is no dead pixels.- No yellowed screen.- The touch screen have good sensibility.- The battery charger is bivolt.- You can play GBA games.- You can use accessories in the GBA slot.- The battery life is very good.
    - 30 days to arrive.- No importation taxes.
  • A great game console

    posted by slobberdeeg

    I bought this device mostly to use as a cheap game console and it does it's job perfectly!
    - The screen looks nice, it's very bright.
    - I've tried to play some SNES games on it and some of them work too. (It's about 50%)
    -The video's also play flawless.
    -Feels quite stirdy, I expected something more fragile. But I'd still be careful with it, I don't think it's as strong as a gameboy or psp.
    -You can also load the battery with a usb connection.
    -The sound quality could have been better... But what would you expect for such a cheap deal. It doesn't bother me.
    It's an awesome device for the budget gamer! I'm still very pleased.

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