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black console Customers Reviews

  • Very Noisy

    posted by jmcconnell87

    very easy to install and doesn't waste your USB portanother great thing is that you don't have to power it on and off yourself like you had to do with a lot of Wii system coolers this one will turn off and on when you turn the system off and on
    I was really hoping to have a nice and quite fanthe blue light is nice but not really necessary
    worth it if you can deal with the noise and play your wii u constantly and may have concerns about heat
  • Retro gaming in your pocket!

    posted by skadarn

    Suprisingly good screen, very bright and great detail! very cheap and above average build quality. Good sound also for what it is. I haven't tried the TV out yet.
    Could have had a better D-pad but mine might be a bad one i don't know.
    Great little fun console for the price! i highly recomend it!
  • Very nice option for PS3 owners

    posted by Nosferatu13fd

    Great price!Great quality!Fast delivery!
    It is great opportunity for the PS3 users who searches the new housing for their PS3 systems. So I think it is a great way to change old broken shell for new one. I searches over all INTERNET where could possible to get the new shells but only at this site I could find what I wanted to buy with very good quality for the best price. If you want to get new shell in full set you can buy it at this site and be sure you will get new item in full set.
    Nice shell for the great price!
  • Very nice console!

    posted by Eddieskull

    My DS arrived perfect, no defects, the lifetime of battery is more than 3 hours playing without stop.The touch screen system is awesome, you don't have to use force it's very soft to use it.The console came with protective plastics like a brand new console. I didn't found any problems on the console.
    I recommend with eyes closed.
    You can buy without fear!
  • Cheap Cheap Cheap :P

    posted by N1cky

    Cheap (if you live outside of the US). Works like and looks like a new DS. Metalic blue (Cobolt) color looks awesome.
    The DS looks genuine, but the case build quality could be slightly better. This DS is not bad, but its not as good as a new one.
    It could be better, but it works and looks just like a normal DS Lite. So, if you live outside of US, i would recommend getting one of these instead of a new one, its way cheaper.


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