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black color Customers Reviews

  • Nice Clock/ Weather station

    posted by tetovo

    This clock /alarm / weatherstation does what it has to do. Seems accurate in temperature, humidity and time keeping. Doesn't look cheap.It's delivered with a chinese and english manual. Easy to operate.
    Nice clock /alarm / weatherstation for only 11 dollar. Good buy, i would recommend it.
  • Very good phones

    posted by jellyfox

    A very good sound quality for the price. I had similar earphones of Sony at a higher price but the quality of these earphones turned out to be much much better. It was a surprise! A very good and articulated bass, clean treble and intelligible middle.
    I prefer this type of earphones to noise isolation earphones. Popular noise isolation earphones are difficult to obtain rich bass. At least in my ears ))). Besides total noise isolation is good in subway only.
    It looks this Senmai company produces good quality earphones at a reasonable price.
  • excellent product

    posted by ippopotamessa

    the product spreads well, has a creamy almost velvety. easy to apply with the brush that is included in the supply. is a good product that I recommend to those who are beginners also because at such a low price you have two colors. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn to use a gel eyeliner. can also be used alone for a make-up fast and elegant
    the packaging is very cute and stylish
    is a purchase that I recommend without hesitation as it is a good product with a good value for money. suitable for anyone who is a beginner and want to have two products to sperimentasre new look
  • A nice and big twisty pyramid!

    posted by Batavia

    The QJ pyraminx is quite big, turns very well, and feels very comfortable in your hands when you play with it. Although it is not difficult to solve, it is a very good introductory puzzle for children and other beginners. For the advanced user, you can bandage it or combine it with a second copy to create a new and more difficult puzzle.
    The puzzle produces a clicking sound when you turn it. It has a very firm and high quality feeling to it. It is a pleasure to play with this puzzle.The stickers are also of a high quality. Even after playing with the puzzle for a number of hours the stickers are still in perfectly good condition.
    The quality and the price of this puzzle are excellent. For twisty puzzle beginners, it is a classic entry into the hobby. It is strongly recommended that your start with this puzzle before moving on to more difficult challenges such as Rubik's cube.
  • Just Nice

    posted by deftoner

    This like thousands more, its an RGB light, When I received it just for the weight I tough is going to be a nice light and It did. Its the brightest light that I ever bought (and i bought a lots....) Al the others lights you cant use it for read or for some specifics things, just decorative. But this one is very bright!.
    Good quality, works excellent. Best of its kind
    If you want an RGB light, this is the best for far. So don't waste time or money, just buy it.

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