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  • Very happy with this

    posted by ryann

    Seems well made. Looks nice. Very good price. Lets you adjust your seat post height without using a tool. Matches my dark gray bike.LightEasy to adjust.
    My wife's and I share a bike which didn't have way to quickly adjust seat height. I thought I'd try this and it works beautifully. The bike isn't stressed much, so I can't say that this would hold up under hard use, but I'd expect to have paid much more in the local bike store for this exact item.
    If you need a way to adjust your seat post, and this is the right size, you should get this.
  • Excellent!

    posted by ofsilence

    Holds VERY tight, accepts wide range of flashlight diameters. Holds my XM-L flashlight with 26650 battery (pretty heavy!) very well, no slipping from original position at any road conditions. Doesn't allow to turn the flashlight in horizontal plane (left-right), which is a pro for me - turnable holders tend to be sloppy, but this one is rock solid.
    I use it reversed - the round holder for flashlight (26650 battery-based one fits just fine), the clamp-side is attached to the bike - this way I can attach it anywhere I want and remove the flashlight together with holder when leaving the bike on the parking place.The minimum diameter being held by round side is 30mm without and about 20mm with rubber insert supplied. Clamp side can hold from 20 to about 35 mm.
    Very good one! Worth the higher price (in comparison to cheaper holders from DX) for sure! My be outkill for single-18650 battery flashlight though, but insurance is always a good thing :)
  • Very useful clamp!!

    posted by paolobgarcia

    Excellent grip....., does what it's supposed to do......., theres a rubber attached so it will not scratch your equipment / tripod..... excellent craftmanship! sturdy...
    a must have for expert photographers who use sophisticated equipments......, holds on just everything!
    if you need it buy it!..........if you don't just look for some other stuff that is useful.. .... it's at least useful to me, i used it with the magic arm.......
  • They're alligator clips

    posted by Redsnertz

    They're alligator clips (Crocodile clips to my continental friends) and they do what they're supposed to; grip and conduct. I'm actually a bit surprised at how well the jaws mesh on 9 out of the 10. I've bought clips that cost about 10 times as much at a ubiquitous American electronics chain that shall remain nameless, and the best of that set was about as good as the worst of this set.
    A couple of them are going to become addition grips on my helping hand; some nice, thick solid copper wire as the "arm" and there you go.
    Buy a set to keep on hand.
  • Excellent alligator clip

    posted by stalker17

    excellent alligator clip. especially good because they are isolatedexcellent alligator clip. especially good because they are isolated
    ideal for motorcycles, scooters and other engines that does not draw too much power.ideal for motorcycles, scooters and other engines that does not draw too much power.
    My big recommendation. Even if the delivery was a little faster ...My big recommendation. Even if the delivery was a little faster ...My big recommendation. Even if the delivery was a little faster ...


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