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  • 4 -> 1 cigarette lighter adapter

    posted by capadonic

    we wanted to buy a adapter, but i didn't want to pay 25$ for it. so we always try to manage without. But now for this low price, we just bought it, and we can't miss it anymore!WORKS like a charm!
    We have two kids, and we are always having problems with devices that need to be charged in the car. we have a GPS, 2 headrest videoscreens, and sometimes when we are travelling we also need to charge our cellphones. We always managed to charge everything, but it was one big worrie! now we can connect the GPS and the two headrest videoscreens in the cigarette lighters, and the phones in the USB ports. This makes our life much easier.
    works great, but feels really light and cheap. but does what it needs to do, so if you want a cheap solution, do not hesitate.
  • Very Cute cigarette case

    posted by luisqj

    Cute. Nice flame, elegant design. I do not smoke, but I know many smokers who love this product. I have sold many and won good money with this cute gadget.The color black is just beautiful.
    It is better to carry cigarettes in packs of cardboard with horrible pictures of black lungs. I am a reseller and the customers love this product.Bottomline:
    It is better to carry cigarettes in packs of cardboard with horrible pictures of black lungs. I am a reseller and the customers love this product.
  • Pretty solid material

    posted by HansSm

    Pretty solid material.Wide clip for more contact.Fits well, very convenient.Only black, but very sturdy.
    10A must be posible.Wide clip for more contact.Fits well, very convenient.Very useful if you want to connect more devices. Also, for a refrigerator
    good stuff.For holidays, traveling, for CD / DVD players, bar phone etc.Tried out with a smartfone and it works excellent. Think a mini fridge will work, think it really can handle 10 Amps. Have not tried any heavy stuff, but I'm sure.
  • Reasonable quality, take into account power rating limitations into account

    posted by regireg

    The build is reasonable, but you should not expect too much.It fits instead of the round ashtray I have in Toyota Corolla.
    As shown on the packaging.USB is rated 1000mA, but each USB socket is limited to 500mATotal output power (except USB) is limited to 60W
    Recommend this device if you have a bunch of low-power USB devices that you need to charge/power simultaneously.
  • Slower than expected charging

    posted by BalliD

    The price is right.the look and feel is right and very smart to fit in the car without disturbing.
    if you have long drives this should not be a problem or the batteries of the gadgets are of small amperage than it should also not pose a problem.
    we need to wait and see.i think that this is good value for money especially if your power need are not too much.


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