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black chain Customers Reviews

  • Very Satisfied

    posted by Nikotin2000

    Comfortable, lightweight, compact saw for outings and trips. Use for picnics and trips by bicycle. After purchase no longer need to carry a hatchet. Immediately cutting into the tree, and do not need to put dub canvas like flat saws.Tried three types of devices - this is the most convenient.
    Branch that photo, I sawed less than 20 seconds.The thick leaves, more time, but not by much.I can say for sure - with this flexible saw I began to spend much less time to prepare firewood at a picnic than with an ax.But, like many days hiking, it is better to take an ax and a saw - together they are much more efficient than individually.
    I am pleased with the purchase.
  • Good quality chain

    posted by Veltnar

    This replacement chain seem to be original and made by Shimano. Despite the affordable price it doesn't seem fake. It is made of aluminium alloy and stainless steel. Doesn't weight much and materials seem to be durable and stain resistant. Links construction seem to be reliable, movement is free.
    Cheap and efficient bike chain, good offer amongst other places.
    I don't regret i bought it, i think it gonna work alright, but the time will tell...
  • Brutal but Awesome

    posted by maliceblood

    Solid but light. Finger holes are about a 13-13.5 US ring size. Real snug fit for XL hands but totally Brutal. Feels like it will last a few hits on Facial region before it starts cracking(impact on bone). Its durable on softer parts of the body like stomach, neck, chess, side body and arms/legs.
    Item is Awesome!
    Good for a rumble but not on a ONE on One. Think before using such item. Desperate times calls for desperate measures.
  • Fun and useless

    posted by wtarr

    Stabler and easier to use than the naked module. The beam is bright enough to be visible at night, despite the wavelength to which the eye is not much sensible. Comes with its AAA battery, looks clean.
    I tried it with the gypsophilia cap that came with my green pointer. It looks much better, you can plot a large number of stars on a ceiling or on books and various stuff that fluoresce in many different colors. I should have bought it in this version.
    Nice toy, but buy it with a gypsophila cap if available. It's as much useless but offer additional possibilities.
  • Fantastic

    posted by brizziodf

    - Este produto é muito mais barato do que os originais vendidos pela Gopro. E a qualidade parece ser similar.- This product is much cheaper than the originals sold by Gopro. And the quality seems to be similar.
    - If you are looking for something cheap and that works in your camera, buy this product because the originals are very expensive.
    - Mais um produto com o preço e qualidade da deal extreme.- Another product with the price and quality of deal extreme.


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