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  • Good buy!

    posted by fghirardi

    Good looking coin bank, very well finished, cool looking and the bottom lid is a little hard to open, which I count as a "Pro" since this is a coin bank, its not supposed to get opened all the time (actually you may have to use a knife or something to open it).
    Good price is also a quality of this item.
    This is a great quality and good looking "toy" or whatever use you may give to it and in a good price. Just have in mind that buying this item could be a "bet" on the colour. Think twice if you consider this important, as I do.
  • The bat that can?

    posted by 76422

    Ok i gotta call price as it's first pro. Assuming the test goes well tomorrow i will not rebuke this review (i left it too late but tomorrow i intend to hit something with it to ensure it doesn't bend or break).There is writing/logo on the bat which i wasn't a fan of if i'm honest....This writing/print can be easily removed with the edged of a credit card to leave just the nice black finish.
    I noticed the new wooden version of this bat which was recently added to site was listed purely as a defensive tool, rather than sporting equipment. This made me laugh hard as i'm sure it did many of you guys. The page doesn't even mention the sport of baseball unless you count what is printed on the bat. Good for keeping in the car for defending is what it says if i'm remembering rightly :D
    I strongly doubt that anybody looking at this item is worrying about anything other than defending their house/car...But if i'm wrong...I will add a video of me hitting a ball to be on the safeside
  • Baby guide

    posted by PACALHAU

    Excelent for shopping and street walks. Kids feeling safe under our aprooch and supervision.For long time waiting for a product like this one. Can see the wings moviment while carring the kid.
    For a 2 to 3 years baby its ok. The sholders straps can't handle big kids.
    For this price don't think twice. Get it while it's in stock.Other colors could be a plus.
  • Looks very neat, but....

    posted by JerryBoyle

    Easy to recognize the Bat shape for fans, can be modified to fit almost anything.
    Break out a can of paint and give this a good coating before installation as the factory finish is not good. The frame can be drilled/modified and is of decent quality. The bottom half mini bat can be left off, as it is just there for people that want to add a reflector or a sticker or maybe a light
    Looks cool, easily modified to fit nearly all bike plates. Buy it!

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