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black audio cable

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Every single black audio cable displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. DX also offers coupon discounts as high as 50% for products on the dx website, offering you huge savings! vga audio cable or ipod audio cable contains many hot and popular products. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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black audio cable Customers Reviews

  • Great product

    posted by adjkjaksld

    easy to use,great quality,nice looking,solid,no audio lose
    maybe it could be longer,but it's not a problem.price is a little bit expensive but when you think quality it can be ignore easily.
    shipment was fast,package was perfect.i've using it for 1 month and it has still good condition.definetly i recomend it.you can use skype and other voip programs with earphone under favour of that tiny cable.it's look simple but now when i'm talking with my girlfriend i'm not looking ridiculous with big headphone also i can hear myself so i'm not talking loud,i can talk with my iphone's earphone more simple and looks better
  • Cheap but good cable!

    posted by mdacosta22

    Most importantly, the contacts are good & the protective cassing is slim and don't get in the way of iphone cases as some do.The wire itself is standard thickness... stepping on it with a heel or placing a chair on top of the wire would for sure create a break...so being carefull will ensure this wire last a long time or a short period.BUT best pro of all 3m audio cable for 2.80$!!AMAZING!
    Great cable, reliable, good leads (contacts), 3m for less then 3$ :)
  • BEST

    posted by sabert

    over a meter long or over 3 feet long. good quality. the cables on the inside look to be wrapped in fiber and wrapped in plastic. very cheap and good looking colors and color scheme with the black and gray.
    works great. not sure if this product could be flawed. works with all mp3 devices for example the idevices and android phones.
    i recommend that if you need this type of cable get this.
  • Incredibly useful

    posted by DaveFlash

    Have two male-male audio cables but need to bridge them, this little thing 'll do the trick for you. As it's good enough for your basic audio needs, it successfully bridges two standard 3.5'' cinch/jack audio cables to give you more distance between audio devices/receivers. When plugged in correctly, it's a strong bridge between two cables but not too tight, so when tipping over one cable it most likely won't damage your other cable as it just unplugs itself.
    this product and its price is a good deal for anyone looking to bridge two audio cables plug and play easily without any hassle.
    Buy this if you're looking for a good little gadget to link audio cables and don't mind whether or not it's gold plated or if it's flexible or not. (which it isn't)
  • works great

    posted by jucko13

    This product works just how it's supposed to work. I use this for my Razor Electra Gaming headphones. It has a 4-pole 3.5mm jack connector where the mic and audio is connected to. this product splits it into 2 separate connections: audio and mic. i needed this because my desktop pc does not supports a 4-pole 3.5mm jack.
    relatively cheap and if i needed more of these i would definitely buy them again.
    Great Product!!

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