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black 3g Customers Reviews

  • Very good router

    posted by joaojoca

    I just plugged my 3G dongle and it worked right away. Very easy to setup and good signal on the wifi. It comes configured to work as a wifi router for the USB and RJ45 ports. That can be changed, for instance you can configure it to supply access to an external USB disk.
    It comes configured to auto setup for the 3G network. After it recognizes your 3G network you can fix the setup so next time it connects faster.
    Very good router.- It works as expected;- It is very easy to configure;- Did not find any bugs in the admin interface;- Very flexible;
  • It's not suitable for 3G, instead use with Wlan

    posted by norkator

    * Very good build quality* Powerfull booster for Wlan network if you want specific direction for good wlan signal.
    Very good quality SMA connection, no problems with it. Looking nice.
    If you're buying it for 3G use, like I did, DO not!It is directional wlan yagi antenna! and very good in it. Due it's price I recommend for Wlan use!
  • Perfect.

    posted by Jazzpirate

    It's cheap, it's small, has a little hole to attach it to a lanyard or a keychain or whatevers, cute, looks kinda like a pill or something. Stick this sucker into my bitty little iPod Nano (4th gen) and I can record EXTREMELY CLEAR audio. it's awesome. it's loud, and very crisp. Recorded a sample of just walking around on a snowy road, and it sounded excellent.
    What language do deaf people think in?
    Awesome little unit. a real champ. and cheap as heck.
  • Best small FM transmitter

    posted by 5uldo

    SmallEasy to useUSB power plug combined with micro USB chargerStrong signal!!!No sound distortionWorks also with computer
    Freq. 87.5MHz is interfering my GPS (it's some nth harmonic wave of 87.5MHz), so I recommend any other freq. to use together with your GPS navi.
    It's small but usefull gadget.
  • Goo but bee cafule!

    posted by spcleha

    The build quality is excellent. Packaged in a pleasant box in the form of the pyramid :) the Material is good. Sucker - SUPER Reliable!
    Use very carefully! or You crash the display glass!!!
    Good but danger! BUT CAUTION BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL!!!!! Use very carefully! or else lose your phone :)

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