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  • Great bits kit with extending screwdriver shaft

    posted by Ricnz

    Was surprised how good the handle was. It was larger than expected with nice rubberized grip. Bits are normal size, not the brittle mini bits found in similar kits. Was after a kit (harbor freight tools) with adjustable extending shaft and this as close as I could get. Price was more at DX but free freight sealed the deal and end product is I believe better than the HFT model. The extending shaft option for me makes this a more adaptable tool.
    The split tip bit noted by another reviewer is known here (NZ) as a snake eye.
    It's a nice kit. Very happy with purchase. Good quality, very good, useful bit selection. Would recommend to anyone with need for these special "security type" bits. Build quality would have been marked higher had the catch survived :-)
  • Very good item

    posted by Baddbboy

    This is a very good pack of screwdrivers. It's very usefull if you like to unmount appareals like cellphones of other little electronic items. It has all the pieces that it says, and I think it is make with good materials. The box takes only the necesary space, so you can save it in small holes. The weight is very reduced, so you can carry it very easy.
    A very good set of small screwdrivers, good price, good quality.
  • very usefull

    posted by A4volvo

    great variety of heads in the box at an affordable price for what your getting.theres a few extension bars provided and the tool itself is expendable so reach is not a problem.well laid out in the box and heads and kept well in place so no hassle with any losses or anything.
    its a great selection but don't think I'll use allot of the heads but it's still very handy to have them since you never know when they could be needed.
    cheap,useful, good quality
  • Great tool

    posted by Jokerz

    Great quality for a low price. Drilled about 100 holes in car bumpers, the plating still is in tact. Comes in a handy wooden box, great for storing with other tools. Great and simple item.
    One of the best tools to have if you need to set up parking sensors or cameras. Good that there are milimetre labels, so you can know it, without mesuring
    Great tool for beginers. You can make precise drillings without any experience. The box seems realy good. It even would be a great present
  • Worth for the price!

    posted by IgorBlitz

    - The price totally worths! - Cames with lots of pieces of many many sizes.- Well built.- Very good for everyday general use.- Versatile- Came in a real nice case with splits for every part.
    It's not a Leatherman or a Victorinox in therms of build quality, but gets the job done!In the end, it worths for the price!
    I would buy it again and I would recommend this to a friend

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